Preschool Business Opportunity in India 2024: Investment Cost, Profit, Franchise Apply

Hello entrepreneur, we are here to provide the idea of new emerging business opportunities which is in demand in 2024 in India. This profitable opportunity will be best to start your business journey in the educational Industry. It is a low-investment business with a high profit margin and continuous growth. Starting a Preschool business or franchise is a straightforward task. In this article, we will share the details regarding the Preschool Business Opportunity in India 2024 along with the Investment Cost, Profit Margin, and Franchise Apply. Stay tuned to the article for more.

Preschool Business Opportunity in India

If you’re looking forward to an Educational Business Opportunity with low investment and a high profit margin, then a “Preschool Franchise Business” is one of the best options for you. Preschool business is one of the most profitable businesses in India. The Prekindergarten (day nursery) business is known for actively working in Western Countries like the UK, the U.S.A. & other European Countries. Due to the busy schedule of parents, they send their children to Preschool or Play School, which is also an important part of the development of the children. Here, Child Development has been shaped and they enhance the learning skills among children.

Preschool Business Opportunity in India 2024: Investment Cost, Profit, Franchise Apply

However, the preschool idea is also popular as a nursery school, pre-primary school, play school, or creche, which is an educational establishment or learning space offering early childhood education to children before they begin compulsory education at primary school. In India, the concept of Pre Scool is at its emerging point and many people are creating an e for Play Schools or Pre Stheirslivesthier lives. If you want to start the profitable journey then, you can start this business opportunity. Check out this article below to learn more about How to Open Preschool Franchise Business in 2024 including the Investment Cost, Profit Margin, Franchise Application Process, and other related details.

Eligibility & Requirements for Preschool Business Opportunity

Here is the essential list of requirements to set up a Preschool Business Opportunity in India. You can look at the below steps for more:-

  • To start the Preschool Business, you have to require the Location and Infrastructure. People have to research the Location with Space/ Area & infrastructure requirements and have required a minimum space of 1000 sq ft.
  • The other requirement is proper research & planning. You have to define, which group of people you will target what is the location, what is the range of admission fees and so on.
  • The applicant has required the proper skills of teaching and an elementary education degree is compulsory.
  • You should enjoy the work of children and be able to teach them to create a new thing, creative & full of fun.
  • Follow the franchisor’s suggestions as it will help the business to run smoothly. They help you with the planning and execution of the plan required.
  • If you are going to start your own, then create your own strategies.
  • The environment and atmosphere of the school should be colorful, attractive, and child-friendly. It should have spacious rooms and a play area so that both parents and children are attracted to it.
  • You are not engaging in the court trial and any suspicious activity or any case by the police & judiciary.
  • The applicant’s age will be above 21 to 50 Years Old and also enjoy with children and have to vision with a development mindset.

How to start a PreSchool or Play School without a Franchise?

People can start a PreSchool or Play School Franchise in India by joining the Franchise or without a Franchise. If you want to start a Franchise preschool, then you have to contact a prominent Preschool, that provides the franchise and then you can coordinate franchise fees, the area required, and so on. But, if you want to start Preschool, without any franchisee, then it will be quite hard.

To open a PreSchool without a Franchise, kindly follow the step-by-step process below:-

  1. Assess Your Space and Requirements => First of all, people who want to start Preschool, have to arrange the Space for preschool. The minimum space is required at least 2000 sq ft. Then, arrange all the requirements for the Pre School.
  2. Design a Child-Centric Environment => The school is basically for children up to 5 years. You have to create a Child-Centric Environment in tSchoolSchoold. All the interior design along with InfrastChildren’sis required as per the Children’s facility.
  3. Create a curriculum Child Centric => You have to create the curriculum and Syllabus as per the Child Centre. It will help you to complete the education set up for children.
  4. Seek Legal Requirements and Permissions => After completing all the steps, you have to obtain a Licencing and Legal Permission from the government to start the Pre-School.
  5. Advertising & Attract Customers => You have to advertise your preschool for your Preschool growth and child admission. You have to create a plan to attract the people who admitted their children to your preschool.
  6. Start the Learning Procedure & Give Results => After completing all the steps, your work will be done. Now, you can start learning procedures in your Pre-Schoold and give your best result to get the heavy output.

Preschool Franchise Business Model Investment Cost

Let us tell you that Preschool Franchise Business Investment Cost is based on various factors. It will include the Franchise Fees, Setup Costs, Capital investment, and Operating Expenditure. The Investment Cost to establish a Preschool in India is required up to INR 20-30 Lakhs. It will include approx all the investment costs including;

Branding/ Advertising/ Legal Registration Fees Rs 2 -4 lacs
Setup Cost or Infrastructural Investment Rs 5-7 Lacs
Equipements (Play Station, Education Learning Equipment, etc.) Rs 4-5 Lacs
Area/ Space Rent or Leeas Rs 1-2 Lacs
Working Capital Rs 5 Lacs Approx
Total Investment Rs 20-30 Lacs

Prekindergarten (Day Nursery) Business Profit Margin

In this section, we will talk about the Profit Margin in the Preschool Business (Prekindergarten or Day Nursery). Your profit will be based on the total Admission you will get to the institute, If you open your preschool, then the profit chances will increase but it will take a long time to build your trust.

If you join a Franchise, then you have to provide 5-7% Royalty and another 90-95 % of your profit. But, in this business, you can earn up to INR 3-4 Lacs per month in the minimum profit of this business. You can get an ROI of 40% in the next 1-2 years on your Investment Cost. So, this will be a profitable business with a low risk of investment loss.

Profit Margin 30-40% (Varies depending on Franchise or Business Model)
Royalty Charge 5-7 % (Varies depending on Franchise Requirements)
Franchiser 5-7% (Approx)
Franchisee Commission 93-95% (Approx)

Top 10 Most Popular Play School Franchise in India

Play School Franchise in India has become a popular & profitable business opportunity. Many Pre-Schools have established their brand in the field but the competition is less. If you don’t want to open yours, then you can partner with some other institute. Look at the Play School Franchise opportunities below:-

Franchise Name  Franchise Cost (INR) Area Required (Sq.Ft.)
Kidzee 12-17 lakhs 2000-3000
Eurokids 10-15 lakhs 2000
Bachpan 10-12 lakhs 1000
Shemrock 10 lakhs 2500
Hello Kids 8-12 lakhs 1000-1500
Little Millennium 8-12 lakhs 1500-2000
TreeHouse 10-15 lakhs 1500-2000
Kangaroo Kids 15-20 lakhs 2000-2500
Smartkidz 8-12 lakhs 1500-2000
Maple Bear Canadian 15-20 lakhs 2000-2500

Firstcry Play School Franchise Cost 2024

The Prekindergarten (day nursery) Franchise Cost is different as per the various brands & companies. But, the Franchise Cost starts including ith Franchise Fees, Royalty Charges Training Costs, etc. In terms of Firstcry Play School, the Franchise Cost depends on the location and Space of the franchise. The average Franchise Cost is required up to Rs 30-40 Lacs. In which, the Franchise Fess is just Rs 2 Lacs. The amount will be used in the setup, infrastructure investment, Equipment, interior, and working capital investment as well. You can apply for the Firstcry Play School Franchise at the official website @

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