BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2024: How to Apply, Investment Cost, Profit

All the people who came here looking for BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2024 are on the right page. We will provide complete information on the BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership Investment Cost & Profit Margin. Petrol & diesel are some of the most required things in this world. Fuel demand in the market is always on the rise even though the price is very high. But petrol is required for vehicles to function and it is always a growing market. Therefore, the petroleum business is known to be the most profitable and growing business in the world.

According to the reports, every petrol pump sells almost five lakh liters of fuel, petrol, and diesel every month which is a massive consumption. So, there is a need for more and more new petrol pumps in the market. Therefore, you can get the dealership of BPCL Petrol Pump in 2024 and become a partner of Bharat Petroleum Company. Let us go through in more detail the BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2024 along with the other related queries.

About BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is a Government of India-controlled subsidiary and is termed as Navratna oil and gas company with its headquarters in Mumbai. They already have more than 14000 petrol pumps across India. The company always looking for the opportunity to expand its petrol pump reach to every corner of the country. Therefore, to do so they provide BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership to the businessmen or any individual having a good capital in their bank.

BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership
BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2024

As you know Bharat Petroleum is the leading oil & gas company so, by taking their petrol pump dealership investors can make good profits in the long run by taking advantage of the brand value that has been developed by the brand over the years. Moreover, in this business, the profit is also very high and constantly growing so this could be your biggest opportunity to invest in BPCL Dealership.

BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2024 – Overview

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  • How to Apply, Investment Cost, Profit
Company Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
Owner Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India
Chairman & MD G Krishnakumar
Headquarter Mumbai
Founded 1952
Industry Petroleum
Year 2024
Outlets More than 14,161 retail outlets
Location All over India
Official website https://www.bharatpetroleum.in/
Category Dealership Inquiry

Bharat Petroleum Dealership Investment Cost

If you are looking for the BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership investment cost, then you should know that it is a high-capital business. You must a have minimum of 15 lakhs in your account to start a petrol dealership. Check out the below-mentioned details about BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership Investment.

Space or Land Area Required 800 sq. meters to 2000 sq. meters
Security Deposit Approx ₹5 – ₹20 Lacs
Land Acquisition or Lease Rs 5 – 10 Lacs
Construction Costs Rs 15 – 30 lacs
Fuel Dispensing Equipment Rs 8 – 10 Lacs
Licensing and Permits Rs 1 – 2 Lacs
Operating Expenses Rs 10 – 20 Lacs
Total Investment Rs. 15 Lakhs to 2 Crore (Depending on Location)

BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership Profit Margin

Generally, it depends on the location of the petrol pump if you have a petrol pump in an urban area then the daily sales would be much higher and the profit margin would be higher. However, if you are operating in a rural area then the profit would be less. But you can earn a good profit in the petrol business as it has high demand in any place. Below you can check out the commission and profit margin that you will get in BPCL Dealership.

Commission to Dealers Rs. 2.60 per liter of Petrol Sold

Rs. 1.60 per liter of Diesel Sold

Profit Margin 2% – 5%
ROI 3-4 Years

Requirements to Set Up BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership

If you want to apply for the BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership then you need to follow some rules and regulations. As it is a government-controlled company, you are required to meet certain eligibility criteria to be qualified enough to have a petrol pump from BPCL. Therefore, the Indian government has various requirements that need to be fulfilled by anyone interested in BPCL Dealership.

  1. First of all, you must be a citizen of India.
  2. In the case of an NRI applicant, he/she must have lived in India for more than 182 days.
  3. The minimum age requirement is 21, and the maximum age should not exceed 55.
  4. You need to show your proof of birth certificate.
  5. The requirements are waived for applicants who fall into the freedom fighters category.
  6. In rural locations, a minimum investment of ₹15 lakh or more is necessary to obtain a dealership.
  7. Moreover, to obtain a dealership in urban regions, you must invest at least ₹2 crores.
  8. Lastly, your business should be in an area where the land is clear of all disputes.

Important Documents Required for BPCL Dealership

  • ID Proof- Aadhar & PAN Card
  • Age Proof- Voter ID Card
  • Bank Statements
  • Copy of Passbook, account statement, deposit receipts, etc
  • Location Photograph & Maps
  • EOI Form document
  • Other required documents for Trade Lince & etc.

How to Apply for BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership 2024?

  1. Visit the official website of BPCL Petrol Pump, i.e. https://www.bharatpetroleum.in/.
  2. On the home page, click on the Partners tab in the menu bar.
  3. Now, the next page will open, here just click on the Petrol Pump Dealership program.
  4. Here, the petrol pump dealership application form will open.
  5. You are required the Personal details, Address details, Contact Details & Land or Location Details.
  6. After that, click on the submit, and your request will be submitted.
  7. The team will shortly contact you for a partnership or dealership.
  8. Finally, they will ask you some questions regarding your investment in their company.
  9. If they are satisfied and find you eligible then you will be provided with a BPCL Petrol Pump Dealership.

Bharat Petroleum Dealership Inquiry Number

Contact Number 1800-22-4344
Email ID [email protected]
Address Bharat Bhavan, 4 and 6 Currimbhoy Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400001
Twitter Handle @BPCLimited/

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