Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business from Home: How to Earn 1 Lakh Per Month Online?

Hello Friends, Today in this article we will be discussing what are the various ways to earn 1 lakh per month online. Technology advancement and the internet today have made it possible to reach customers and increase business penetration even to the remotest part of the world. Moreover, the pandemic has also taught us the importance of online business and the convenience with which we can make a profit by using it efficiently. Let’s today discuss the various ways How to Earn 1 lakh profit per month Online.

Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business from Home

In this digital age, many people are earning online through various platforms. Some of them even earn more than graduate engineers. Yes, you heard it right, due to the increasing reach of the internet, many youth are earning lakhs of rupees sitting at home. Now doing online business has become a fashion, in which you can earn lakhs of rupees by turning your home into an office. All you need is an internet connection and an idea which we will tell you through this article. Here we will share the best five ways to earn a Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business from Home. So what are you waiting for? READ this post below and learn How to Earn 1 Lakh Per Month Online by sitting in your comfort.

Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business from Home - How to Earn 1 Lakh Per Month Online

1) Blogging

Starting a profitable Blog journey towards earning 1 lakh per month is very much achievable.

  • Before starting to write any blog it is important to identify the topic on which you are going to write this could be anything from personal finance to travel, technology, or related to Fashion.
  • Creating high-quality content and regularly updating it with informative articles or tutorials can attract a lot of readership and help to increase traffic on your blog.
  • Monetization strategies include display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or selling digital products.
  • You can refer to some of the websites here
  • Alternatively, you can visit WordPress to build your website like

2) YouTube Videos

YouTube can be an incredible profit-making platform with many YouTubers earning Profits in 6 figures if you wish to start YouTube videos you need to remember a few points below.

  • The key factor in making YouTube videos is the quality content which means the time taken to produce the videos should be well-made and engaging.
  • Developing a Good Brand is one of the most essential parts of being a Successful YouTuber it can help you to stand out from the crowd and make it easier for the people to help you. One of the most important aspects is to authenticate yourself.
  • You can also check for some tutorial videos here

3) Freelance Business Consultant

A business consultant is a professional consultant in an advisory role to other companies helping them streamline operations, achieve goals, and obtain licenses. However, it also depends on the applicant’s skills and work experience. These kinds of opportunities are mostly available in fields like Finance, IT Supply, HR, Engineering Operations Supply Chain Management, and legal. It is also one of the lucrative carriers if one wants to earn 1 lakh per month from home.

4) Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a kind of business model that allows you to sell products online without having to own or operate the physical location where those products are stored and processed. You can also take the order and send it to the product manufacturer who delivers it to the customer without your intervention. Then you can earn a fee or commission on the payment collected.

People use platforms like Shopify to create their websites. Most use Shopify as it is a cheaper option especially when dealing with global third-party supporters and merchants. Through this online business, one can easily earn a Monthly 1 Lakh Profit from their home.

5) Earning Money Through Social Media Platforms

Social Media websites like Facebook and Instagram are also great mediums to earn money online. Investing your time in creating interesting videos on various topics like the stock market, any product information, sports information, or in case you wish to promote your brand are a few ideas you can explore. Today over 90% of people use smartphones.

The Internet has a wide reach today increasing viewership through these methods can be a very profitable venture. This business could also promote your services as a freelancer, affiliate marketer, social media influencer, consultant, etc., where your earnings should exceed 1 lakh per month.


The business ideas listed above will provide you with a fair idea what are the possible options if you wish to earn 1 lakh monthly online. Earning one lakh per month using the internet requires dedication, persistence, and strategic planning. Whether it’s through blogging, affiliate marketing, or offering online courses, there are numerous avenues to explore. You need to be consistent, and patient, and continuously seek growth opportunities. With the right approach and mindset, you can turn your online ventures into a sustainable source of income. This is all about How can you earn 1 Lakh Per Month online, stay tuned with us for more updates and the latest business ideas.

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