Pizza Hut Franchise Cost In India: How To Start, Profit Margin, Enquiry Contact Number

Pizza Hut is one of the most popular Food Industry Companies. It is one of the most popular fast-food outlets and franchises. Pizza Hut is an American multinational pizza restaurant chain and international franchise founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas by Dan and Frank Carney. It is the popular name of the Pizzeria & Restaurants Industry. If you’re looking forward to the information about Pizza Hut Franchise Costs in India along with the details of How to Start, Profit Margin, and Enquiry Contact Number. So read this article further for more details.

Pizza Hut Franchise Cost In India

Before, discussing the “Pizza Hut Franchise Cost & Profit Margin”, we will provide you a basic overview of the Pizza Hut company. The Pizza Hut headquarters is in Plano, Texas, and Yum! Brands, Inc. owns it. It operates 17,639 restaurants worldwide as of 2020. Pizza Hut was launched on May 31, 1958, by two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney. The total revenue of the company is US$1.091 billion. Pizza Hut’s main products are Pizza, Fries, Italian tacos, Pan Pizza, Pasta, Chicken wings & Breadsticks.

However, Pizza Hut is spreading across the country with 190+ cities and the store 800+. Pizza Hut is continuously expanding and promoting its brand to reach the state of well well-growing Pizza Industry business franchise. If you are looking for a profitable business outlet, you have to look out for the entire details below. Here, we will share details about How to Start a Pizza Hut Franchise in India, what are the requirements, Investment Cost, Profit Margin, Enquiry Contact Number, and other related details.

Pizza Hut Franchise Cost In India - How To Start, Profit Margin, Enquiry Contact Number

Pizza Hut Franchise International Opportunities 2024 – Overview

Franchise Name Pizza Hut Franchise
Previously Known as Pizzeria & Restaurants Industry
Name of Company Yum! Brands
Total Outlets 800+
Category Fast Food
  • Dan Carney
  • Frank Carney
Established in 31-May-1958
Headquarter SN 17 & 18, Corner Market, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi – 110017
Franchise Opportunities Traditional & Non-traditional Opportunities
Investment Cost
  • Restaurant: INR 3 to 5 Crores
  • KIOSK: INR 30 to 50 Lakhs
ROI 20- 24 Months
Official Website

Requirements to Set Up Pizza Hut Franchise

Here are the essential requirements for the Pizza Hut franchise outlet. Look at the below details:-

  • The first thing, you need to require is an Area/ Space for a Franchise Store. You have to require an area/space of 1200 sq ft- 1500 sq ft,
  • It is mandatory to purchase and provide all Machinery & equipment for the franchise as per the demand of Pizza Hut Company. It will include all the cooking food machines, Pizaa machine, Oven, and other quietness including the safety parameters. The company will provide help & support for the set up of your outlets.
  • You have to require the OVEN INDIAN, Shakti  Dough Mixture, Makelin, SS TABLE, CUTTABLE, PIZZA Tools, Bike, Delivery Bags with Logo, Fan, PC, Software, Lighting, Signage, DEEP FRIGER, Air Conditioner invertor 4 battery & other equipment as per the recommendation of the Pizza Hut.
  • It is necessary to hire 10 to  12 for the Franchise outlets for the Pizza Huts. It will include the Chefs, Water, and so on.
  • For the Pizza Hut Franchise, people have to require the most essential Investment Cost. For the Franchise outlet, you required a minimum investment of Rs 80 Lacs 1 Crore for outlets.
  • You need to provide Personal documents (PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, and Bank A/C Details. Email ID, Mobile no. etc, & Business Documents (Trade license, GST Registration no, FSSAI License) & much more.
  • The complete infrastructural & store setup is required. The shop will be well decorated with lighting and high-value furniture and other things which will decorate your store as well.

How to open a Pizza Hut Franchise in India?

In this section, we will share the details about the complete guide to starting the Pizza Hut Franchise. To own a Pizza Hut Franchise, you have to first apply for it, and then complete the verification. All you have to choose the site location and Training will be provided by the company. Then you will be open to launch your outlet.

Follow the below step-by-step process to apply for the Pizza Hut Franchise:-

  1. Visit the official website of the Pizza Hut Franchise at
  2. A home page will open, here just click on the “Franchise Application Form” or directly click the link here =>
  3. Now you have to click on the “Join Our Family” option in the upper menu.
  4. You will get the new interface, here you have to enter the details like Name, Contact Number & Address Details.
  5. Just follow up on the asked question and you have to provide accurate details.
  6. Then, click on the ‘Submit’ button. The team of Pizza Hut will shortly contact you and provide the franchise details.
  7. After coordinating with them, you can start your Pizza Hut franchise by fulfilling all the aspects.

Pizza Hut Franchise Cost and Investment

In this Franchise opportunity, people have to require an investment; For a Restaurant – INR 3 to 5 Crores, and KIOSK – INR 30 to 50 Lakhs. It will be included with the Franchise Fees, Equipment & Infrastructural Investment & so on. Just look at the below details-

Investment Type  Cost (INR)
Franchise Fee Rs 20-25 Lacs
Infrastructure Rs 50 lakhs
Equipments & Machinery Rs 25-30 Lacs
Interior, Civil Work, and Furniture Cost Rs 8-12 Lacs
Trade Licence/ GST Registration/ Fssai license & Other Cost Rs. 1 Lakhs Approx
Other Expenditure (Salary, bills, training, transport, Maintainance, Licensing, Marketing, etc) Rs 10-12 Lacs
Raw Material & Inventory Cost Rs 20-30 Lacs
Total Investment Rs 1.5 to 2 crores

Pizza Hut Franchise Business Profit Margin

Everyone, who is interested in the Pizza Hut Franchise is curious to know about the Profit Margin. So, in the Pizza Hut Franchise, the ROI is 40%-45%.  But the Net Profits is based on the sales. So, you can make 30 – 35% of profit in your complete sales. If assume, you have made sales of Rs 10 Lacs and your total expenditure is approximately Rs 6-7 Lasc including the Rents, Bills, Staff Salary, Raw material & other expenses. Then, you will make a total profit of INR 3 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs monthly. So, you have to focus on increasing your sales. You can also invest in marketing and advertising along with offers to attract people, which increase your sales rapidly.

Particulars Expected Monthly Sales (₹)
Monthly Gross Sales Rs 30,00,000
Food Cost (50%) -15,00,000
Shop, Rent, Electricity and water -2,00,000
Employee Salaries -1,50,000
Zomato, Swiggy, and Commission -50,000
Royalty + Ads fee 9% + GST -2,70,000
Transport and Delivery -36,000
Other Expenses -2,00,000
Total Profit Margin  INR 6,36,00 (Estimate Net Profit) 

Pizza Hut Franchise Enquiry Contact Number

  • International Opportunities for Pizza Hut Franchise
  • Contact Number: 1800-202-2022
  • Email ID: [email protected].
  • Official Site:

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