Domino’s Pizza Franchise Price: Profit Margin, Investment Cost, Apply

Hello, Young Entrepreneurs! Do you want to be part of one of the largest Franchise chains in the world and one of the biggest brands in the Pizza Industry if Yes then please read the article below. “Dominoz Pizza” presents a golden opportunity to generate substantial profits as it is recognized as one of the most renowned and profitable franchises in the fast food industry. Today we are going to discuss the Application process, Franchise Cost, and Investment for Domino’s Pizza Franchise. Dominos entered the Indian market in the year 1990. Domino’s Journey in the Indian Market and its success story is a testament to adaptability, innovation, and a keen understanding of local tastes. Jubilant Food Works Limited is the Master Franchise of Domino’s Pizza in India. Let’s Now discuss in more detail the whole Process.

Types of Domino’s Pizza Franchise Outlets

  • 1) Traditional Stores:- Traditional stores are the most common type of stores that we see nowadays wherein the customers can sit and dine which includes shopping malls. The place also offers enormous space for parking vehicles.
  • 2) Non-Traditional Stores:- Non-traditional stores are mostly located in airports, railway stations, stadiums, or office buildings. They mainly offer takeaway services
  • 3) Transitional Stores:- Transitional stores are a combination of both Traditional as well as Non Traditional stores. They offer both dine-in services as well as takeaway services.

Below check the Domino’s Pizza Franchise Price along with the details of Profit Margin, Investment Cost, and How to Apply Stay tuned for more details.

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Steps to Apply for Domino’s Pizza Franchise in 2024

If you wish to apply for the Domino’s Pizza Franchise Outlet please refer to the Guidelines below;

  1. Visit the official Domino’s Pizza Franchise website or directly click the link here =>
  2. Once you open the home page it will be mentioned there if someone wishes to apply for the franchise they need to directly mail the details to the following email ID; [email protected]
  3. You need to write in the email your entire details, Location, Minimum investment cost you wish to invest, and Any previous experience in the hospitality industry.
  4. The next step is to wait for their response they will review your entire details you need to wait for a few weeks for their response time they will send you an application form.
  5. Once they approve your application form they will invite you to attend their Training Program.
  6. Their Training Program Covers all the topics including Operation Management, Food Safety, and Customer Service the training includes both classroom instruction and hands-on experience, and it is designed to help you understand the Domino’s business model and apply it to your restaurant.
  7. Once you Successfully Complete the Training Program you will be required to sign the Franchise Agreement with Dominos Pizza.

Advantages of Opening Domino Franchise in India

  • Strong Brand => Getting associated with one of the biggest brands like Domino automatically helps attract customers to the stores. It also adds a lot of credibility to the business.
  • Hands-on Technology => One of the biggest advantages an owner can get while being a Franchise owner for Domino is the Technology it offers which can reduce cost and increase business efficiency.
  • Training and Development => Every Franchise Owner has to go through Proper Training and Development. By participating in this training, franchisees can learn about Domino’s business model and how to apply it to their restaurants. This can help franchisees get off to a strong start and achieve success in the long term.
  • Support => Domino’s Pizza Company provides ongoing support to its franchisees in India, including marketing support, menu development, and supply chain management.

Domino Pizza Franchise Cost and Investment

Franchise Cost Fees (INR)
  • Traditional Outlet
  • Non Traditional Outlet
  • 50 lakh
  • 30 lakh.
  • Dominos Franchise Fees
  • For the Second one
  • 4.5 lakhs
  • 2.5 lakhs
Equipment and Machinery 20 lakhs
Civil work, Interior design, and furniture 20 lakhs.
Training, Maintenance, and Marketing Cost 10 lakhs.
Total Investment INR 1 to 1.5 crore (approx)

Space Required to Open a Domino Franchise Outlet

Traditional Outlet 800 to 2000 square feet.
Non-Traditional Outlet 400 to 1000 square feet
Transitional outlet 200 to 400 square feet.

Domino’s Pizza Franchise Profit Margin

In the table below, we have assumed the Average sales Per month is around 30 lakhs. Based on the calculation we have calculated the following;

Particulars Expected Monthly Sales (₹)
Monthly Gross Sales -20,00,000
Food Cost (50%) -10,00,000
Shop, Rent, Electricity and water -1,60,000
Employee Salaries -1,40,000
Zomato, Swiggy, and Commission Rs 50,000
Royalty + Ads fee 9% + GST -2,12,400
Transport and Delivery -36,000
Other Expenses -50,000
Total Profit Margin  Rs 3,51,600


Starting a Domino Franchise can be a very exciting Prospect with proper planning and support the whole venture can be fruitful. Overall, the goal of Domino’s franchise opportunity in India is to help franchisees succeed and grow their businesses. If you are ready to Invest your time and money properly Domino’s Pizza Franchise would be the best option for you. For more details about the Domino’s Pizza Franchise Business Opportunity and Application Process, kindly visit the official site

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