Flipkart Agency Dealership Apply in 2024: How to get Flipkart Delivery Agency, Cost & Profit

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money, a Flipkart delivery permission might be a seamless chance for you. Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce website and online seller, and with the development of online marketing, there is much demand for its facilities.

It is always looking for new franchisees to aid them in enlarging their reach. As an entrepreneur franchisee, you would be accountable for delivering orders to patrons in your zone. You would be required to have your vehicle and a legal driver’s authorization, and you would need to be capable of committing to delivery times. Below check the Flipkart Delivery Agency Apply Online process.

Flipkart Agency Dealership 2024 In India

Let us tell you that “Flipkart” was initiated in 2007 by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal. It is an Indian e-commerce corporation headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Flipkart began as an online book store but soon extended to sell various goods, including electronics, clothes, home appliances, etc.

The corporation has over 100 million listed operators and ships to over 19,000 pin codes nationwide. Flipkart was attained by Walmart in 2018 for $16 billion. To know more about Flipkart Agency Dealership Apply in 2024 along with the details of How to get a Flipkart Delivery Agency in India, Investment Costs, Profit Margin, and other related quires, kindly go through the complete below.

Flipkart Agency Franchise Apply Online- Overview

Company Name Flipkart
Year 2024
Beneficiaries Offering dealership to the Flipkart Agency attentive dealers
Investment Cost Around 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees
Type Dealership/Franchise
Email Address [email protected]
Apply Online mode
Official Website https://www.partner.flipkart.com/
Post Category Franchise Inquiry

Requirements for Flipkart Agency Dealership Apply

  1. Office space necessities, just like any other courier firm, a 409-500 sqft godown is sufficient to apply for the license.
  2. A maximum of 3-4 workers are essential to be hired.
  3. One for computer operation who must have elementary education qualifications, and three others should know to ride a two-wheeler and four-wheeler.
  4. They should have a driving license.
  5. All workers must be given routine training before doing the job.

Documents Required

  • Address Proof (Adhaar card or PAN card)
  • Identity Proof (Adhaar card or PAN card)
  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Registration Documentation
  • Documentation of ownership
  • Bank account details with transaction
  • Demand Draft
  • GST Registration Certificate

How to get Flipkart Delivery Agency: Guidelines

  1. The first and questionably the most significant thing that an individual should be conscious of if they are looking to become the possessor of a Flipkart parcel delivery contract is that Flipkart does not amuse any license applications from the public.
  2. Flipkart is quite private when it comes to giving out contracts. The corporation does not share particulars as to what necessities a person should meet to be entitled to become the proprietor of a Flipkart store license.
  3. But there is still hope for individuals seeking delivery authorization on Flipkart. Individuals can download a Flipkart Franchise Endorsement Guide that is obtainable on the internet.

Required Equipment

For couriers, some industries need the compulsory things as follows:-

  1. Packaging Tapes: tape is used for goods sealing and packaging. It is mandatory for this commercial.
  2. Computer: while you do business, you are required to appraise the delivery. You can use a desktop computer or laptop.
  3. A high-speed internet connection- a good internet connection is essential for data transmission.
  4. Printer/Scanner/Bar Code reader.
  5. Shipping label: for precise goods recolonization and conduct caution warming.

Cost & Profit in Flipkart Agency Dealership 2024

The one significant factor that every deposit or considers while deciding whether they should be in a business. It is like the case of the Flipkart delivery point contract. Around 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees are essential as an early venture by the depositor to get a Flipkart delivery franchise. The charge of investment can differ depending on the place of the store.

No certified statistic on the internet can highlight the effectiveness of Flipkart courier permission. But the fact that Flipkart is one of the main names in the e-commerce segment with a market portion of about 40 percent should be a sufficient suggestion for a depositor that it is a virtuous idea to invest in the corporation and become the proprietor of a delivery contract of Flipkart.

Cost Around 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees
Profit Margin 40%

Flipkart Agency Dealership Apply Online

There are many aids related to investing in a delivery company like Flipkart Delivery and becoming the proprietor of a Flipkart franchise for delivery. The brand Flipkart fetches to the table is a huge advantage for the franchisee. It can aid a lot in getting more business and in producing the store’s auctions and total profits.

A depositor does not have to put up a huge amount of money to become the possessor of a Flipkart delivery agency dealership. A minimum-security payment is adequate for a depositor to start things up. The newest technology is used in the dealership stores of Flipkart to uphold the records, among numerous other things. These outcomes augmented the suitability of the franchisee as well as the patrons.

The proprietor of a Flipkart delivery point dealership must also go through a training program that the corporation arranges. This is done so the franchisee can learn how the distribution and logistics business works. People will also become more conscious of their franchise responsibilities and be better fortified to run the store effectively. There are convincing things an individual should know about before applying for a dealership for a corporation.

Flipkart Franchise Contact Number

Customer Service Number (+91) 444 561 4700
Customer Care Number 1800 208 9898
Email ID [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How do I become a commercial partner with Flipkart?
Ans. There are several ways to become a commercial partner with Flipkart. You can list yourself at seller.flipkart.com for vendors to sell the goods, you a partner with a delivery dealership to transport the goods, and you can partner with Flipkart to offer services like Filing, GST, listing services, Accounting, related stuff, etc.

Q.2 What are the necessities an individual must accomplish to own a Flipkart Delivery dealership?
Ans. The first condition is that of space. An individual must have 400 to 700 square feet of place to run a Flipkart Delivery Centre. The other thing required for running a Flipkart Delivery Centre is apparatus. To run the Flipkart store, a depositor must purchase convinced vital devices like label makers, barcode scanners, scanners, computers, printers, etc.

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