Amazon Agency Dealership Apply Online: How to get Amazon Delivery Franchise in India

How to get an Amazon delivery franchise in India, Investment Cost, Profit, Requirements, and other details are shared here in this blog post. Amazon entered the Indian request in 2013, and by 2018, it had taken the crown as the biggest e-commerce website in India. Now this company has captured 30 of the Indian e-commerce request share and is aiming to capture 35 by 2023. Amazon India is formerly set up across the country but they are aiming to expand further and produce 1 million jobs in India. Anyone who would want to be part of the Amazon Franchise, given their massive fame and growth eventuality. If are you one of those who want to be a part of the Amazon Delivery Franchise/ Agency in India, then keep on reading ahead to know more about the investment cost and profit.

Procedure to Amazon Agency Dealership Apply Online

  1. Let us tell you that Amazon courier is one of the accessories of the company that manages the exchange of couriers of parcels, products, and package orders at Amazon to the consumer’s doorstep.
  2. You can apply for an Amazon ballot from their sanctioned website – or you can call 1800-3000-9009 for more details.
  3. It’s possible to apply for an Amazon courier ballot in the following ways Either visit the Amazon Logistics India website and fill out the standard operation form.
  4. Or you can leave your contact information on the Amazon Logistics website along with your ballot operation query.

Why Amazon Delivery Franchise?

Amazon Is a leading e-commerce brand in the world, a moment in India, Amazon controlled over 30 E-commerce requests at the end of 2019, according to RBC Capital Markets.

In 2019, RBC said that Amazon could increase its share to 35 by 2023, with the e-commerce giant getting 4 of its total profit and 13 of its transnational profit from India.

Amazon Logistics Franchise Requirements

To start Amazon Delivery Franchise, Firstly you need to have at least 300 to 400 Square feet Area in a prime location of your city or anywhere from where you can start delivering the products to the consumer.

Several conditions must be met the A space demand of 150 sq ft to 200 sq ft Attestation conditions about the needed educational, and entrepreneurial background outfit conditions a minimum of 10- 20 delivery vans also needed Manpower conditions for the ballot to start, 8 workers are needed.

You must have;

  • Printer
  • Computer
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Delivery boys etc.

Amazon Logistic Franchise Cost

Like all other votes, amazon also charges for Amazon delivery ballot costs around 1.5 Lac to 2 Lac. With this quantum, you have to pay for;

  1. Electricity Bill
  2. Employee payment
  3. Office Rent

The thing you need to know about Amazon courier ballot Unique selling point( USP) The unique selling point of this business is as follows Because of its high now service it has been suitable to meet the colorful delivery and express requirements of the consumers with high-quality service thereby adding the consumer fidelity and amazon courier service as their choice for a delivery platform.  Business model of an Amazon courier service.

Services of Amazon Courier Outlets

The services handled by the Amazon courier outlets are;

  • Free one-day delivery  Free two-day delivery
  • Free no-rush shipping
  • List listed delivery free
  • Free same-day delivery
  • Discounted morning delivery
  • Blinked express delivery.
  • The business model of this ballot can be defined using these four variants.
  • Marketing strategy
  • The marketing strategy  enforced by Amazon courier services is as follows
  • Deals  creation
  • Free one-day delivery, same-day delivery, express delivery, gleeful concessional delivery charges, no delivery charges with Amazon High, etc.

Amazon Courier Ballot

To start Amazon Courier Ballot, you need to have an investment ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh. If you want to invest in Amazon Courier Ballot India. The investor can clear the electricity bill,  payment of its workers, and other rents in this investment. Amazon courier ballot investment is low as compared to other courier votes in India and is suitable for any type of investor.


One is likely to earn a profit of ₹ 50000- ₹ 2lakhs  Amazon courier ballot apply online  Amazon courier ballot operation procedure is veritably simple, the interested seeker has to produce an account on the Amazon DSP portal, once the account is created successfully. Fill out its operation form and once they will review the form, they will conduct the final interview. Once they’re satisfied, a training session will be conducted and after the end of this training session, the investor is each set to operate its new position.

There are some reasons you can consider before taking up this ballot;

  1. Originally, this business has created hype because of Amazon’s gesture of buying 20- 40  exchanges and icing a hand count of 100 for your ballot on a wider scale.
  2. Secondly, the investment costs of setting up this ballot are low and one can get maximum stability because of Amazon’s formerly established brand presence.

Low investment

The Amazon courier services come with low investment in terms of both space and capital yet yield massive deals constantly and indeed so during carnivals and occasions l. So it’s rather a good investment.

Large target

client base The target guests of the Amazon courier are numerous because of its wide range of delivery options in terms of time, packaging,  freights, etc which makes it possible to consider every need of every specific client.   backing and training by Amazon The backing by Amazon courier in terms of the following is one benefit of its whole.   backing in marketing and creation of Strategic force operation backing in IT training operation and protocols.

Global reachability

The Amazon courier ballot also allows you to feed to the time delivery requirements of abroad grounded guests and help you witness a global demand for your services.    Conditions and Qualifications  Conditions Conditions in terms of the following must be met.   Space demand A space demand of 150 sq ft- 200 sqft.

Attestation  demand

in terms of the needed educational, and entrepreneurial background.  outfit conditions 10- 20 delivery vans are also one of the major conditions.  Manpower conditions A minimum of 8 workers must be employed to get started with this ballot.  Qualifications The qualifications in terms of the ensuing conditions must be met.   GST enrollment   Standard ballot agreement  Lease and rental agreement  Training conditions must also be met.

Amazon Franchise Contact Number

Courier Service Name Email Address Phone Number Official Website
Shipped by Amazon Amazon Transportation Services will share the delivery agent’s contact information on the day of delivery
Blue Dart [email protected] 1860 233 1234
Gati [email protected] 1860-123-4284
Indian Postal Service 1800 266 6868
Aramex 011-3300 3300
Ecom Express Call +91-8376 888888
Delhivery [email protected]

[email protected]

Amazon Toll-Free Number
1800 3000 9009
1800 419 7355
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  1. I am from Siliguri, worked for a courier industry in the past, planning to get e commerce delivery, what are the criteria and cost to start this business?

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