Euro Kids Franchise Cost in India: How to Open, Profit Margin, Price, Enquiry Number

Ranked among one of the top 5 preschool franchises in the world “Euro Kids” was founded in the year 1997 and in 2001 the Franchise model of business came into existence. Euro Kids is a play and preschool brand owned by Euro Kids International Ltd was founded in 2001. The company that owned the preschool was formerly known as Egmont Imagination (India) Ltd, a book publishing company. If you’re looking for the Euro Kids Preschool Franchise Opportunity in India then continue reading this article ahead. Here we will share the details about How to Open a Euro Kids Franchise in 2024 along with Investment Cost, Profit Margin, and Enquiry Contact Number through this post below.

Euro Kids PreSchool Franchise Cost in India

Presently the company is headed by Mr Prajodh Rajan who is also an active member of various industry associations such as the National Association of Preschool Educators (NAPSE), Association of International Schools (AIOS), and Early Child Association (ECA). Euro Kids was also awarded the Indian Education award for 2016 and the Franchise of the Year award in the year 2022.

Following are the Courses for the Euro Kids Preschool Franchise;

  1. Playgroup – This is for kids who fall between the age group of 1.8 to 3 years.
  2. Nursery – Applies to kids who fall between the age group of 2.5 to 4 years
  3. Euro Junior – Applies to kids who fall between the age of 3.5 to 5 years
  4. Euro Senior – Applies to kids who fall between the ages of 4.5 to 6 years.

Euro Kids Franchise Cost in India - How to Open, Profit Margin, Price, Enquiry Number

Euro Kids Franchise Investment and Other Requirements

If you wish to open a Euro Kids Franchise you need to keep in mind the following details below;

  • Investment Required around INR 12- 15 lakhs.
  • Minimum 1500 square feet required.
  • Prior business experience in the kids education segment though not mandatory.
  • Passionate about his/her work.
  • The owner must be able to devote his/her time in day to day operations of the school.
  • Should be passionate about working with children.
  • The minimum staff requirement depends upon the number of students that are enrolled in the franchise unit. The ratio the main school requires you to maintain is 1:10. For example if you have 50 students you will require 5 teachers, 3 housekeeping staff, 1 center head, and 1 security guard.

How to Start a Euro Kids Franchise in 2024?

To Apply for a Euro Kids Franchise in India, please refer to the steps below:-

  1. Navigate to the official website of Euro Kids India Preschool Franchise by clicking the link here =>
  2. On the right-hand side you will see an Enquiry Form, please enter your Name, Email ID, and Mobile Number, and then select your state and city name.Best-Preschool-Franchise-in-India-Play-School-Kindergarten-Nursery-Education-EuroKids
  3. Then click on the “Generate OTP” button to verify your Mobile Number.
  4. You need to wait for a few days next step the Franchise Team will contact you directly.
  5. After discussing you on a call they will personally come and meet you to check the location where you wish to open the franchise.
  6. Once all doubts are cleared you will then have to sign the franchise Agreement.
  7. The franchise agreement is signed for 5 years and can be renewed again. You can get your entire investment back along with interest with a moratorium period of 3 months.

Advantages of Owning Euro Kids Preschool Franchise

  1. Euro Kids is a well-known international brand with over 1400+ pre-schools and over 350+ locations in 3 countries with close to 7,000 children already nurtured.
  2. The franchise owners also receive extensive training programs so that they know the business strategies of owning and operating a successful preschool.
  3. The school also provides a dedicated support team to each of its franchises which helps them in finding the right location for the school to market for leads.
  4. Well updated business management system is also provided which helps them to track day-to-day operations and business performance.
  5. The 5-point safety feature is one the best USPs of EuroKids as it ensures that the children are in a safe home-like environment.

Safety Features of Euro Kids Play & Pre-School

  • CCTV monitoring is done continuously.
  • EuroKids has child-safe furniture and interiors so that every child is safe from getting hurt.
  • They have also been certified as a safe school which makes parents trust the school even more in terms of their child being safe and secure.
  • The Pre-School also appoints female staff after they have done a comprehensive background check.
  • They also provide a first aid kit and emergency medication in case there are any mishaps.
  • Euro Kids also provides a 360-degree engagement and learning process which in turn becomes a second home for your child they also provide interactive programs and music-based learning programs such as Euro Fit, Yoga Kids, and Euro Music.

Profit Margin of Euro Kids Franchise Business

The profit margin for Euro Kids Pre-school Franchise 2024 is given below;

  1. Total Rent Paid for 1500 square feet: Rs 1,50,000
  2. Salaries paid 7 employees (10,000 multiplied by 7) Rs 70,000
  3. Miscellaneous Expenses Rs 20,000
  4. Total Expenses incurred in a month: Rs 2,40,000
  5. Average students enrolled in Pre School 40 students
  6. The average fee paid is Rs 17,000
  7. Total Income earned in a month: 6,80,000
  8. Gross Profit 50% of Rs 6,80,000 = Rs 3,40,000
  9. Total Profit in a Month; Gross Profit – Total Expenses => Rs 1,00,00

Note: It may however take 18 to 20 months to get back the investment.

Contact Details of Euro Kids Franchise Enquiry

  • Light House Learning PVT LTD
  • Address: Windsor, 801, 8th floor, Manipada Road Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai – 400098 (Maharashtra)
  • Contact Number: 1800-209-5656
  • Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 5.30 am.
  • Official Site:


Opening a preschool for kids demands a lot of Responsibility the establishment derives its USP from its one-of-a-kind content, monitoring, and experience in the kindergarten domain. Euro Kids are built on one main ideology “Child First”. Keeping this in mind the school has designed programs that provide children with the right stimulant according to their age-integrated with other fun activities and games to ensure the child’s complete holistic and overall development. The institution has also tied up with the State Bank of India (SBI) to address the financial needs of the franchisees. Euro Kids is one of the best and leading pre-schools across the country and even internationally. With the number of awards, the school has won it has received a strong brand recognition which has made this school trustworthy and safe for children where they can learn and grow in a home-like environment under proper and professional guidance.

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