Pizza Galleria Franchise Cost in India: How to Start, Profit Margin, Contact Number

The Pizza Galleria Franchise is the best option for those who are looking for a Low-cost Pizza outlet franchise. It is one of the most profitable franchises. The Pizza Galleria was started in September 2015 and the directors of Pizza Galleria Private Limited are Ishan Chugh and Sandeep Kumar. They are providing the franchise to build their brand and promote their business all over India. In this article, we will share the complete details regarding the Pizza Galleria Franchise Cost in India along with the details of How to Start a Pizza Cafe, Requirements, Profit Margin, and Contact Number. Stay tuned to the post for more details.

Pizza Galleria Franchise Cost in India

Before discussing the “Pizza Galleria Franchise Cost and Profit Margin”, we will share a basic overview of the Pizza Galleria. Pizza Galleria is India’s Fastest Pizza Chain Brand. It was founded in 2015 by Ishan Chugh and Sandeep Kumar. They are known for their traditional Italian pizzas. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail in every aspect of their business, from the ingredients to the cooking process, set them apart from other pizzerias in the area. The Pizza Galleria has an Authorised Capital of ₹2,500,000.

Pizza Galleria Franchise Cost in India: How to Start, Profit Margin, Contact Number

However, it is growing and rapidly gaining popularity brand of Pizza, is known for its experimentation with Pizzas. People came here to taste the unique recipe for Pizza and the traditional taste of pizza. They have 60+ Franchise Outlets In India. If you are looking for Pizza Outlets under the popular growing brand with just a decent investment, then it will be the best opportunity for you. Here, you will get the details about How to Start a Pizza Galleria Franchise in India including the Investment Cost and Profit Margin.

Pizza Galleria Franchise Business Opportunity 2024 – Overview

Franchise Name Pizza Galleria Franchise
Name of Company Pizza Galleria Private Limited
Total Outlets 60+
Category Fast Food
Directors Ishan Chugh and Sandeep Kumar
Established in 2015
Headquarter Gohan, Haryana
ROI 20- 24 Months
Franchise Term 7 Years (Renewal After 7 Years)
Official Website

Requirements to Set Up Pizza Galleria Franchise

To join the Pizza Galleria Franchise, you have to meet some essential requirements, which are set by the company. Here are the complete details about the Pizza Galleria Franchise Requirements below;

  • The first thing, you need to require is an Area/ Space for a Franchise Store. You have to require an area for the Takeaway Model is 200 sq ft- 400 sq ft and an area of 1000 Sq ft- 1500 sq ft for the Dine-In Model.
  • It is mandatory to purchase and provide all Machinery & equipment for the franchise as per the demand of Pizza Galleria Company.
  • You have to require the OVEN INDIAN, Shakti  Dough Mixture, Makelin, SS TABLE, CUTTABLE, PIZZA Tools, Bike, Delivery Bags with Logo, Fan, PC, Software, Lighting, Signage, DEEP FRIGER, Air Conditioner invertor 4 battery, RO & ACP+Name Logo
  • It is necessary to hire 5 to 7 for the Takeaway Model and 8-10 staff for Dine-In Model personnel staff for your outlet. More Staff can also required after growing the franchise.
  • For the Pizza Galleria Franchise, people have to require the most essential Investment Cost. For the Franchise outlet, you required a minimum investment of Rs 18-20 Lacs for Model A and Rs 30-35 Lacs for Model B.
  • You need to provide Personal documents (PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, and Bank A/C Details. Email ID, Mobile no. etc, & Business Documents (Trade license, GST Registration no, FSSAI License) & much more.

How to Start the Pizza Galleria Franchise Outlet?

After knowing about the franchise details, check the application method for the Pizza Galleria franchise, By following the below steps, you can apply for the Franchise request to the Pizza Galleria;

  1. Visit the official website of the Pizza Galleria, using this link =>
  2. On the web homepage, Click on the “Franchise” tab under the menu bar.
  3. A complete interface to apply for the franchise is open. Here the franchise details appear.
  4. Look at the apex carefully read the details and then, scroll down the page.
  5. Now, fill up the Application Form. It will require the Name, Contact Details, Address & more.
  6. Click on the ‘Send Massage’ button. You will get the confirmation SMS.
  7. The team will shortly contact you about the Franchise. Coordinate with them and fix your profitable journey.

Pizza Galleria Franchise Outlet Investment Cost

Many people are looking toward the article to know about the Investment Cost, so, here is the complete details are given below. In this Franchise opportunity, people have to require an investment of INR 18- 20 Lacs for the Takeaway Model and INR 30-35 Lacs for the Dine-In Model. Look at the below for more details about the Investment:-

Investment Type  Take Away Model Amount  Dine-In Model Amount
Franchise Fee Rs 5 Lacs + 18% GST Rs 5 Lacs+ 18% GST
Equipments & Machinery Rs 7-8 Lacs Rs 15- 17 Lacs
Interior, Civil Work, and Furniture Cost Rs 3- 4 Lacs Rs 6-8 Lacs
Trade Licence/ GST Registration/ Fssai license & Other Cost Rs. 1 Lakhs Approx Rs. 1 Lakhs
Other Expenditure Rs 1.5-2.5 Lacs Rs 3-4 Lacs
Total Investment RS 18-20 lacs Rs 30-35 Lacs

Note: It is just estimated the amount of Investment. You will require more. Apart from this, the Raw Material Investment is not included in this cost. So, Rs 5-10 Lacs is also required for the Inventory.

Pizza Galleria Franchise Business Profit Margin

Everyone, who is interested in the Pizza Galleria Franchise is curious to know about the Profit Margin. So, in the Pizza Galleria Franchise, the ROI is 35%. But the Net Profits is based on the sales. So, you can make 30 – 35% of profit in your complete sales. If assume, you have made sales of Rs 10 Lacs and your total expenditure is approximately Rs 6-7 Lasc including the Rents, Bills, Staff Salary, Raw material & other expenses. Then, you will make a total profit of INR 3 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs monthly. So, you have to focus on increasing your sales. You can also invest in marketing and advertising along with offers to attract people, which increase your sales rapidly.

Pizza Galleria Franchise Contact Details

  • Address: 349, Patel Basti, Kath Mandi, Gohana-131301 (HR)
  • Contact Number: 9050907999/8800095740/7206242000/ 9991858654 / 7015039503
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Official Site:

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