Tyre Dealership Apply in 2024: MRF, Bridgestone, CEAT, TVS Tyre Dealership Cost, Requirements

MRF, Bridgestone, CEAT, TVS Tyre Dealership Cost, Requirements, and other details are shared here in this blog post. Nowadays people looking for Tyre Dealerships/ Franchises because it is one of the fastest-growing businesses in India. To open a Tyre Dealership in 2024 is quite easy but one should know all about the Tyre Business i.e. What is the best Company of Tyre, Eligibility Criteria, Documents Required, Investment Cost, and other requirements. So here we share the Top 5 Tyre Dealership Apply in 2024 including MRF, Bridgestone, CEAT, TVS Tyre Dealership Cost, and Profit share details.

Tyre Dealership Apply in 2024

In India, MRF, Bridgestone, CEAT, and TVS Tyre are some of the leading businesses in Tyre Dealership/ Franchise, one can opt for any of these Tyre Dealerships according to their location and market demands. Here check the complete details about Tyre Dealership Apply Online including the Dealership Cost and Requirements in India. Keep on reading this post ahead for more details.

1) Ceat Tyre Dealership

One of the leading tire manufacturers of India, this is offering the occasion for individualities and businesses to come together in their dealership network. To apply for the dealership, you must have a suitable position and the necessary capital to invest in grazing Ceat Tyres. The processed dealership involves filling out an application form and submitting necessary documents, including business plans and fiscal projections.

However, Ceat Tyres will give training and support for the success of your dealership, After the process, If approved.

Ceat Tyre dealership provides a wide range of high-quality tyres for every type of vehicle at a very reasonable price. This dealership offers excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and at any location. With a commitment to safety and quality, the Ceat Tyre dealership is a trusted choice for drivers seeking reliable and durable tyres.

How to Apply for CEAT Tyre Dealership in India?

For a Ceat Tyres dealership, it is very important to have all the necessary documents to conduct the process smoothly and legally. Here we tell you some of the important documents to keep on hand:-

  1. Dealership agreement: The document highlights the terms and conditions of your dealership with Ceat Tyres.
  2. Business License: This is a license provided by the local government to operate a business.
  3. PAN Card: A permanent account number issued by the government for tax purposes is required.
  4. GST Registration: This document is necessary for any businesses to charge and collect GST.
  5. Bank Account: A business bank account is very important to manage finances and legally make transactions.
  6. Insurance: A dealership should have insurance coverage for any accidental circumstances.
Ceat Tyre Dealership Contact Number 1800221213
Ceat Tyre Dealership Cost 15 lakh rupees
Profit margin 11% to 12%
Official Website https://www.ceat.com/

2) MRF Tyre Dealership

MRF Tyres was established in 1946 and is one of the leading tyre manufacturing brands in India. Initially, it started as a small rubber manufacturing factory, and MRF has now expanded its business to over 100 countries. The company’s network has grown significantly over the years, providing customers with high-quality tyres for their vehicles. With its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, MRF has become one of the most trusted brands for tyre buyers across the globe. The company’s products are mostly known for their durability, safety, and performance, making it a very popular choice among car owners and professional racers alike. Today, MRF Tyres is a synonym of quality and reliability, a legacy that continues to shape the brand’s success story.

Procedure to Apply Online for MRF Tyre Dealership

MRF Tyre Dealership is a big opportunity for individuals and businesses who want to enter the tyre industry.

  • However, the firms need to understand the terms and conditions that come with it.
  • The dealership agreement is for five years and can be renewed after that.
  • Dealers are expected to sell at least a minimum number of MRF tyres each year and are also supposed to invest in necessary infrastructure and equipment.
  • An amount of security deposit is also required to be paid upfront.
  • Also, MRF requires some dealers to maintain high standards of customer service and to hold fast to all MRF guidelines and policies.
  • These are some of the most important terms and conditions to keep in mind before signing up for an MRF Tyre Dealership.
MRF Tyre Dealership Contact Number 1800-22-xxx (Click Here)
MRF Tyre Dealership Cost 10 lakh rupees
Profit margin 7% to 12%
Official Website https://www.mrftyres.com/

3) Bridgestone Tyres Dealership

Bridgestone Tyres Dealership  Bridgestone Tyres is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, started in 1931. The company was started in Japan by Shojiro Ishibashi and snappily established itself as a leading supplier of high-quality tyres for buses, exchanges, and other vehicles. Over time, Bridgestone has expanded its operations encyclopedically and has become a trusted name in the tyre assiduity, known for its invention and commitment to client satisfaction. moment, Bridgestone operates a vast network of dealerships and retail stores,  furnishing guests with easy access to the rearmost tyre technology and unequaled client service.

Eligibility Requirement for Bridgestone Tyres Dealership

To come to a Bridgestone Tyres dealership, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria;

  1. Fiscal stability
  2. Experience in tyre deals and service
  3. A physical  position for the dealership
  4. Acceptable  storehouse space for tire force
  5. A commitment to cleave to Bridgestone’s guidelines and  norms

By meeting these conditions, you can become a part of the Bridgestone Tyres network and start offering high-quality products to guests.

Important Documents

Some of the key documents for the dealership of Bridgestone Tyres include:-

  • Business registration certificate
  • Trade license
  • Dealer agreement with Bridgestone
  • Insurance coverage
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Bank statements
  • Financial reports
  • Employee contracts
Bridgestone  Tyre Dealership Contact Number 1800-266-8055
Bridgestone Tyre Dealership Cost 15-16 lakh rupees
Profit margin 10% to 14%
Official Website https://www.bridgestone.co.in/

4) TVS Tyre Dealership

TVS Motor Company is a reputed two and three-wheeler manufacturer encyclopedically, backing progress through Mobility with a focus on sustainability. embedded in our 100-time heritage of Trust, Value, and Passion for guests and fineness, we take pride in making internationally aspirational products of the loftiest quality through innovative and sustainable processes. The company began in 1979 as the flagship brand of the TVS Group, innovated by T.V. To establish Sundaram Layangar. Under the loyal and active leadership of Chairman Emeritus, Venu Srinivasan, the company has become the largest member of the TVS Group in terms of size and development.TVS Dealership Type If you want to take TVS Dealership also first you have to know about the TVS Dealership type and details.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Should have the capacity to invest 1 crore to 1.5 crore.
  2. Experience in Automotive showroom management.
  3. Should have shop space of about 3000 sq. ft.
  4. Ability of Management/Supervision.

Documents & License:

If you want to open a TVS Dealership then you must have some documents and a license which are given below:

  • ID Proofs like an Aadhaar card, PAN card, and voter ID card are required
  • Address proof such as a Ration card, electricity bill
  • Photograph, Phone number, Email id
  • GST Registration certificate
  • NOC of unit/shop
  • Unit/shop address proof
  • Franchise agreement
  • Trade Certificate
  • Trade License
  • EPF & ESIC Registration
TVS Tyre Dealership Contact Number 1800 123 004 400
TVS Tyre Dealership Cost Rs. 10-20 lakhs
Profit margin 10- 15%
Official Website https://tvseurogrip.com/

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