Travel Agency Startup Apply in 2024, Registration Process, Cost

Hello Friends!! Traveling is part of our life and everyone needs a travel assistant to make their travel easy and hassle-free. At this time most people avoid traveling by public transport to commute because of lots of problems and facilities. However, the government of India is destined to make public transport easy for the general public. So, there is always a room available for the travel agent to make traveling easy for the public.

This blog post is brought to give complete information about starting a travel agency startup business. This time lots of youngsters are looking for various new segments to start a business. In the last 3, 4 years the trend of starting business is on high. Not only the youngsters of India but also the businessmen who own businesses already are looking for new opportunities. Let’s have a look at Travel Agency Startup Apply Online 2024 including How to Start a Profitable Travel Agency in India, and its Requirements in this blog post.

Travel Agency Startup Apply in 2024 India

A Travel Agency Startup or Business can be established in two modes. First, you set up your own office and hire the commuting services through a third party. Second, you use your own vehicle and start to treat travel agency business. Today the first option is one of the best options to start your own travel agency. All you need to set up an online source to attract customers. Full-filling the travel-related requirements of the people is the main objective of the business. Starting a Travel Agency is one of the fastest-growing business opportunities in India.

The knowledge of one procedure to make travel-related queries must require before starting the business. Starting any business always has changes lies within. Therefore, you must make your own project report before starting a travel agency. Note down your strong and weak points in the project. Perfect homework is the first requirement of starting a business. Let’s have some key highlights of How to Apply for a Travel Agency Startup in 2024 along with other requirements and documents in the below section of the blog post.

Travel Agency Registration Process – Highlights

Blog Post Travel Agency Startup Apply in 2024
  • Requirements for setting up a travel agency
  • How to Start a Profitable Travel Agency in India
  • How to start a travel agency in India from home
Name of Business Travel Agents
Service Online/Offline
Requirements Corporate Links
Mode of Business Online/ Offline
Cost investment 1 to 5 Lakhs
Registration Process Online
Registration Authority Tourism/Transport Department
Official website Click Here
Medium Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas 2024

Travel Agency Startup Cost/Fee in India?

The simple way to start a travel agency from home is to choose a host agency and start working with the agency. Starting a travel agency from home is a better idea because you will be available 24 hours a day to give the services to the queries of the customers. Let’s check out the below steps to start your travel agency from home.

How to Start a Profitable Travel Agency/ Startup in India (Guide)
1. Select the Name of Your travel agency You need to register the name of your travel agency first. Start selecting the name of the organization. This name will be registered with your travel agency license, GST, and other government documents like a PAN card, bank account, etc.
2. Draft your project before starting a Travel agency Make written project reports for your business before starting any business. You can consult with a professional or an expert to get detailed insights into the travel business. Also, we suggest you do the research online before drafting the project for the profitable travel agency.
3. Choose the business structure of your Travel agency You have 3 choices when deciding the business structure of the agency. Proprietorship, Partnership, and LLP. Study all three before selecting the structure and travel agency registration.
4. Travel Agency Registration You have to register your travel agency with the tourism department of the state. Collect all the required documents and start applying for registration.
5. Decide the operation mode of the travel agency There are two types of travel agencies as we stated at the start of this blog post. You have to select one mode of operation for your travel agency. You can either go with a host agency or a franchise travel agency.
6. Setting up your financial requirements Starting a business always requires finance. So you must have to make the budget for the starting travel agency. The budget will include your all expenditures like rent of space, employee expenses, travel expenses, and others.  Be clear about the budget of your travel agency before starting.

Travel Agency Startup in 2024 India Apply Online

  1. Pick the name of your travel agency
  2. Apply for Trademark Registration of your company.
  3. Apply for a PAN card.
  4. Apply for GST
  5. Create a website for your travel agency with the help of a professional web developer.
  6. Register your agency with the state government tourism department.
  7. Choose your travel agency Ticket booking software
  8. Hire experienced employees for all the departments of your agency like, billing, administration, marketing, etc.
  9. Create a Facebook page, Insta ID, and Twitter Handle to promote your business online
  10. Start your business with the query you receive online or offline.

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