TATA EV Charging Station Franchise Cost, Apply Online, Profit Margin, Requirements

You will find the appropriate details about TATA EV Charging Station Franchise Cost, Apply Online, Profit Margin, Requirements, Contact Number, and other information through this post below. “Tata Power EV Charging Station” is a basic requirement for an Electric Vehicle. So it is time to know about the TATA EV Charging Station Franchise and How to start it. So if you’re interested in Tata Power EV Charging Station Dealership in your area keep on reading this article ahead.

TATA EV Charging Station Franchise

In electric vehicles, batteries are used instead of fuel, which gets discharged after their specific capacity, hence we need to charge the batteries, if charging stations like petrol pumps available at various places will also open. So definitely the popularity of electric vehicles will start increasing, the place where the batteries of electric vehicles are charged is called an EV charging station.

About Tata EV Charging Station

All those big companies who want to expand their network but it is not possible to work everywhere on their own, so the company distributes its franchise/ dealership to local people. So the local franchise has the right to sell their products and services in the particular area. This is called the dealerships or franchisees business model. Similarly, Tata Power also opens its charging stations and gives franchisees for it, thus any person can open a Tata EV charging station by taking a franchisee from Tata.

Today we are talking about the Tata EV charging station, how it can be opened, how much money and space will be required for this, what documents are required, and how to apply online can be done.

TATA EV Charging Station Franchise Apply Online

If you have land in your name, then there will not be much investment because it has more amount of land. Apart from this, you will have to buy charging machines. Your investment also depends on how many machines you buy. Its franchisee fee is about two lakh rupees. Thus, if you own land, then you will have to invest around Rs 15 lakhs. But if you do not own the land, then you will have to spend around 25 lakhs. Although this is not an accurate amount, it is an estimated amount.

  1. Open their official website to TATA Power EV i.e. https://www.tatapower.com/
  2. On the web homepage, click on EV Charging Station,
  3. Make sure that you open a charging station in a mall or hotel at a workplace or on the side of a highway.
  4. Select it and click.
  5. Now another business inquiry page will open on which you have to enter your name, company, and mobile number.
  6. All other information like e-mail address etc. has to be given.
  7. After this, you have to fill in the given captcha code by writing a comment about the company.
  8. Now click on Submit Button, and after that, the company officials will contact you.

TATA Power EV Charging Station Franchise Cost

This business is one of the best prospects in India for the future. The company requires the most business experience, capital, and time, and starts getting profits on investment immediately. It protects the environment. The government also has the goal that only electric vehicles will be present on the road in the future. So it can be said unquestionably that the future of EV Charging stations is very bright. Tata Power has set up at least 10,000 EV Charging Stations across India in the coming few years.

DC fast-charging station ₹30 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs
AC charging stations ₹2-3 lakhs
one-time registration fee ₹50,000

TATA EV Charging Station Profit Margin 2024

Approx profit margin 3 Rupees per unit
SUV Battery Charging Profit 80 to 90 Rs
Andhra Pradesh RS 78.52
Assam RS 147.98
Bihar RS 193.28
Chhattisgarh RS 33.22
Delhi RS 90.6
Goa RS 67.95
Gujarat RS 105.7
 Surat and Dahej RS 119.29
Haryana RS 75.5
Himachal Pradesh RS 119.29
Jharkhand RS 114.76
Karnataka RS 181.2
Kerala RS 144.96
Madhya Pradesh RS 152.51
MSEDCL (Maharastra) RS 221.668
Adani (Maharastra) RS 151
TATA (Maharastra) RS 129.86
BEST Maharashtra (Maharastra) RS 131.974
Manipur RS 179.69
Mizoram RS 178.18
Meghalaya RS 181.2
Nagaland RS 181.2
Orissa RS 144.96
Punjab RS 140.128
Rajasthan RS 196.3
Sikkim RS 90.6
Tamil Nadu RS 60.4
Telangana RS 129.86
Tripura RS 186.032
Uttaranchal RS 120.8
Uttar Pradesh RS 181.2
West Bengal RS 210.494

NOTE: This is approx 30kWh Battery charging Cost, Now you have to pay only for your electrical connection. Others are profitable for you. The values are approximate.

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Requirements to Start TATA EV Charging Station

Tata Power is a part of Tata Company, it produces and distributes power. Today Tata Power is established among the top companies by producing 10577 MW of power. The Tata Group started charging stations for electric vehicles in India. Today Tata has about 250 charging stations and there are plans to increase them widely in the coming times. Right now it is available only in big cities, but as the number of electric vehicles increases. So will the number of charging stations.

Tata Power is giving this facility that any person can open a charging station in collaboration with Tata. There are two types of options, buying their land or land on the side of a highway, making a charging station, or using a petrol pump to start your charging station.

Charger Type Output Power Charger Cost
Bharat AC-001 3.3 70000
Bharat DC-001 15 240000
Type 2 AC 22 125000
CHAdeMO 50 14,50,000
CCS 50 14,40,000

FAQs about Tata Power EV Charging Station Dealership

Q.1 What is used in electric vehicles in place of fuel?

  • Batteries.

Q.2 How much did you spend to open this franchise?

  • INR 25 lakhs.

Q.3 Is it profitable to open a Tata Power EV Charging Station Dealership?

  • Yes, opening a Tata EV Charging Station Dealership or Franchise is a profitable business as there are more electric vehicles sold in India.

Q.4 How to Open Tata Power EV Charging Station Franchise?

  • We have mentioned all the steps above to apply for the TATA EV Charging Franchise.

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