Sariya Dealership Apply 2024: Bansal TMT, Kamdhenu Saria Dealership Cost, Requirements, Profit

If you’re looking for authentic information about Bansal TMT, Kamdhenu Saria Dealership Cost, Requirements, Profit, and application process then you came to the right blog. Here in this post, we share the complete details of How to start a Sariya Dealership/franchise in India. The Indian steel sector is rapidly expanding in the world and has become the second-largest producer and the third-largest customer in the world. Because of the rapid growth of the Steel sector over the years, now people are thinking of changing their profession to start Sariya Dealership Apply in 2024, as it is a safe alternative profession in this economic development era.

Saria/Rod Dealership in India 2024

However, if you want to build a business in Sariya Dealership/Franchise which is a contracting industry, first, you need to work with a well-known brand company to know the concept of dealing with other clients in this industry. We will suggest you work with any TMT manufacturing companies like Bansal, Kamdhenu Saria, etc.

In this article, we will go through the whole in detail about the Bansal TMT Sariya dealership, which includes dealership cost, profit margin, licenses, etc., and How to apply for the dealership. At this point, we will cover up the profit margin in Bansal TMT Dealership. Keep scrolling down below.

You can be the company’s own initiative and be given a credit facility when your performance will make an impact and is acceptable to the company’s expectation for a six-month implementation of the cash and carry system.

Bansal TMT Dealership

  1. If you want to get any facility of Bansal TMT Dealership, you need to get in touch with your area’s sales manager.
  2. Once you get with your sales manager, the manager will guide you to the second step and you should follow each step to become the best dealer with Bansal TMT Dealer.
  3. There will be no other dealer within 2 to 3 kilometers except Bansal TMT Dealer.
  4. If you get any Bansal TMT Dealer showroom near your location, the process of getting to the dealership is much easier.
  5. All you have to get the required documents and meet the eligibility standard.

Required Licences for Bansal TMT Dealer Registration

To get the facility of licenses and registration, we need the following requirements:-

  • The amount of the Security Deposit
  • GST
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Statements
  • 3 Blank Cheques
  • application letterhead
  • Photographs
  • Rs.100/- for the company agreement Stamp

Bansal TMT Sariya Dealership Contact Details

Contact Number  (+91) 91091-76304, 91091-76302
Email ID  [email protected]
Address  E-5, Tawa Complex, 3rd Floor, Bittan Market, Bhopal (M.P.)

Kamdhenu Dealership 2024

Kamdhenu Limited has been a respected team leader steel production sector since 1995. Let us tell you that Kamdhenu with the franchise model increases the company’s operations’ transparency and dynamism. Encouraging their involvement and assistance in technology transfer and facility upgrades for higher production levels will help to grow faster at this production level.

Company Name Kamdhenu Limited
Founded 1995
Chairman & Managing Director Satish Kumar Agarwal
Head Gurgaon, Haryana
Products Name Kamdhenu steel (TMT saria) Kamdhenu paints
Annual Revenue 6000 crore
Manufacturing units 50+
Number of dealers& Distributor 7500+
Number of employees 15000+
Official Website


How to get Kamdhenu Dealership in 2024?

If anyone is interested here, they will learn more about the Kamdhenu dealership and its franchise business model. The innovative model of Stockyard is a modified version of the same concept, it actually allows to separate the corporate activity to the flexibility. Nowadays there is another demand for construction as this industry is increasing rapidly at the present and in the future.

The construction work will never end so you can say it’s a safe profession, in this blog we will cover “HOW TO TAKE KAMDHENU STEEL DEALERSHIP”. We already have covered half of the Important points of the article such as the Profit Margin in Bansal TMT Dealership, how we can become a Bansal TMT Dealer, contact details, and so on.

Benefits to Start Kamdhenu Steel Dealership Business

It is very good to get in touch with this growing industry. This is a very profitable idea to start and grow in business as a dealer in Kamdhenu. Here is some information that you should know before completing Kamdhenu Steel Dealership:-

  1. Kamdhenu Steel (TMT) selling brand is the number-one steel brand in INDIA.
  2. With a turnover of 10,800 core brand sales, Kamdhenu Steel’s (TMT) selling brand is the largest in India.
  3. Kamdhenu Steel (TMT) is the first brand that came first in the market.
  4. The company is operating 7500+ dealers and distributors throughout India.
  5. 15,000+ employees are linked with this company.

Total Investment Cost for Kamdhenu Dealership

It mainly depends on two factors: the size and the location of the business. The investment also depends on the weather of the location. If you want to set up a business in a metro city or nearby, its costs will be higher than the other location. If you have your own land then the costs of investment will be less. The start-up costs will remain around 20 to 25 lakhs. Full details about the costs of investment will be in the below table.

Brand Security Charge 8 to 10 lakhs
Purchase Furniture 2 lakhs
Stock Purchase Up to 10 lakhs
Shop &Godown Rent It’s $0 if you own your land.
Labor 60,000 for a team of four people
Vehicle If needed

Required Area to Start Sariya Dealership

The basic requirement for this is to have about 800 to 1500 square feet of land. Where a big company can stand up.

  1. For the workplace, you need 200 to 500sq ft of land
  2. If this is a warehouse then the square feet level will increase to 1000 to 1200sq ft of land.

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