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Investment Cost Franchise Fee Franchise Owned Stores Contact Details
14-18 lacs 4.13 Lakh Rs=3.5 Lakh + 63000 Gst 67+

When it comes to establishing a profitable career, you have to invest in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a constantly expanding and profitable business. This type of pharmaceutical business offers high returns on your investment. You can quickly get this attractive Sanjivani pharmacy franchise. You have to submit an application form. And need some investment to start this. Read this article carefully to get more information about Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise Application Form Online.

Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise 2024

Sanjivani pharmacy franchise is one kind of that pharmaceutical business. Sanjivani Pharmacy is currently a trusted name in the retailing of medications. This company officially launched in 2006. This company’s headquarters is in New Delhi. It has a nationwide presence of more than 40 locations. Sanjivani Pharmacy provides a 24-hour pharmacy to its consumers. Sanjivani Pharmacy offers an attractive franchise option. Additionally, the business offers assistance with how the store is handled.

If you are considering starting a profitable business, the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise is the best option. In this article, we provide how you can apply for Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise. You will also receive the details about Sanjivani pharmacy franchise profit margin, investment cost, and requirements. So, don waste your time. If you are skilled and interested, apply for this franchise today. And make some profit.

Sanjivani Chemist Company Overview

Company N B Marketing pvt ltd
Franchise Experience 5 Years
Pharma Business Experience 15 Years
Established Year 2006
Business Model

FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Oprated)


In New Delhi, India

Established in


Founder of organization

Mayank Garg


All over India

Franchise tenure

5 years

Mode of application

Online and offline both

Email ID

Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise Cost

Most people are aware that with investment, one business is open. In this business, you also need some investment. You need approximately 14 to 18 lakh rupees for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise.

There are only investment fees for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise. You also have to pay 3.5 lakh rupees for the franchise fee. And this franchise agreement period is a total of 5 years.

Total investment required Depending on Location & Size Covers Following:- 14 to 18 Lakhs
franchisee fee 4.13 Lakh Rs=3.5 Lakh + 63000 Gst
Rental advance (Shop Owner If Rented Property) Generally 3 Month Advace (50000*3=150000RS)
interiors 2 Lakh
storage racks 4 Lakhs
furniture 50000 Rs
computer systems and printer
30000+12000= 42000 Rs approx
branded stationary and initial inventory (stocks)
2 t0 5 lakhs

Profit Margin of Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise:

There is no specific profit margin number available for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise. Its profit margin depends on many aspects. First of all, its location. If your shop is in a crowded area, more and more people come to your shop. So you will get more profit.

Then, if you sell more and more products, you ultimately get more profits. And your Sanjivani pharmacy franchise profit margin also depends on labor costs, commercial rates, and many other aspects.

Investment Cost In India  Rs 14 to 18 lakhs
Profit Margin 40 to 50% for Sales
pay back period of capital for a Unit Franchise 1 Year– 1.5 year

Product wise Profit Margin

Allopathic 50-65%
Homeopathy 40-50%
Ayurvedic 50-60%
Surgical Items 60-80% (average 55%)
General & Cosmetics 10-15% (on few products 40-45%)

Requirement for the Sanjivani Pharmacy Dealership 2024 

If you want to start a Sanjivani pharmacy shop, then you need some requirements to start this shop. These requirements are

Location & Premises Criteria

population of Small Town more then 51000
Minimum Area in Commercial Main Market 200 sqft and Above
Franchise Term 5 Years
Setup & License 3 to 4 Lakhs
 Franchise Agreement Yes
  • Firstly you need a 14 to 18 lakh budget to start this franchise.
  • You have to require minimum 300 sq. feet area for a shop.
  • You also have the business experience.
  • Applicant should have retail sector and pharmaceutical experience.

Note – You should apply for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise if you have this entire requirement. This is a healthcare industry, so it is also demanding. So, ultimately it is a highly profitable business. You will make so much money with the help of this franchise.

Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise Apply Online Process

If you are a person who wants to open a Sanjivani medical shop, then you come to the right place. Here we provide knowledge about how you can apply for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise. There are three main methods to apply for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise. We describe all of the three methods below.

Apply By Head Office:

The first method is the offline method. Here you have to visit the head office of Sanjivani Pharmacy. Sanjivani Pharmacy’s head office is available in New Delhi. This method is beneficial if you live in Delhi or a nearby area. You can talk about all your queries and other information. Then their workers give you an application form. You have to fill up this application form and then submit it.

Head office address: N.B. marketing pvt ltd. No 5/6 second floor, Mehrauli Badarpur Road, Kanpur, New Delhi 110080

By Phone:

The second method is the online method. In this method, first of all, you must dial the contact number of Sanjivani Pharmacy. Here we provide its contact numbers for your comfort.

• 9810475823
• 8800324637
• 9821282673

Then, talk with the authority. They will provide the entire process for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise. After that, you can apply for it.

Through Email Process:

The third method is very simple. In this method, you have to give an application form for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise via official Email ID. Sanjivani Pharmacy’s official email Id is [email protected]. After some days, you will get a confirmation email if their authority like your application form.


1. Who is the founder of the Sanjivani Pharmacy healthcare organization?

Ans: mayank garg is the founder of Sanjivani pharmacy healthcare organization. He established this organization in 2006.

2. Can I get any support from the Sanjivani pharmacy in Sanjivani pharmacy franchise?

Ans: yes, you can get many supports from the Sanjivani pharmacy in the Sanjivani pharmacy shop. It includes marketing support, setting up support, management support, and many more.

3. How can I apply for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise?

Ans: you can apply for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise in three ways. Firstly, you can apply for this franchise through the head office. You must visit the head office to apply for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise. The second way is through a phone. You can call them directly. And third way is through email.

4. Is the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise profitable or not?

Ans: yes, the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise is profitable because it is a fast-growing consumer. So, your sale should be lowered so that you will receive more profit from this franchise. So, ultimately this franchise is a profitable business.

5. Are there any age-limit criteria for starting a Sanjivani medical shop?

Ans: yes, an age limit criterion is available to start a Sanjivani medical shop. Only above 23 years older people can start a Sanjivani medical shop. Below 23 years older people are not allowed to start this shop.

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