Top 10 Medical Franchise In India 2024, Apply for Best Pharmacy Franchise Businesses, Requirements

Apply for the best pharmacy franchise and enter the new Innovative field of the healthcare industry. In this article, we will learn about the key requirements of a medical franchise. We will also share with you about each and every part essential in expanding a medical franchise like its licensing, finance, etc.

This blog post will give you exposure to multiple medical franchises, from which you can choose whatever suits you best. So keep on reading ahead to know more about the Importance of Owning a Medical Franchise in India including How to Apply for the Best Pharmacy Franchise Businesses and their Requirements.

10 Best Pharmacy Franchise Businesses

The healthcare sector in India has reached new heights because of awareness among people, improvised medical facilities, and high-quality technology. Today, investment in the healthcare sector is a fruitful step. Investment in medical franchises will lead your business to a successful one. In this article, we will discuss what are the 10+ Medical Franchises in India that are best for investment.

List of Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in India

Franchise Name Franchise fee
Apollo Pharmacy 3-5 lakh
MedPlus 17-20 lakh
Guardian Pharmacy 15 lakh
Netmeds 15-20 lakh
1mg Rs20,000
Generico 10 lakh
Medline Rs 83,000
Wellness Forever 5-10 lakh
Care n Cure 10-20 lakh
Medkart Pharmacy 1 lakh
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List of Top 10 Medical Franchises in India 2024

1) Apollo Pharmacy:

The founder of Apollo Pharmacy is Dr.Prathap C. Reddy. In India, investing in Apollo Pharmacy is beneficial as you will gain high profits with low investment. You will have to invest approximately 20 lakhs to create an Apollo franchise but it’s all a one-time investment.

2) MedPlus:

MedPlus was started by Dr.Madhukar Gangadi and now it is one of the leading healthcare retail chains. You will need Rs 17.50- 20 lakhs to set up a MedPlus franchise but it may also depend on the location, condition, and size. We all know that the retail sector grows 20% every year hence, investment in MedPlus is also a good option.

3) Guardian Pharmacy:

Guardian Pharmacy was initially started in 2004 and is run by talented teams that are working their best to form a great team with individual investors that have productive and healthy approaches. Guardian Pharmacy believes in the service of people with a genuine healthcare range. So, owning a guardian franchise would be a great deal.

4) Netmeds:

Nedmeds also made its name under the top 10 list of medical franchises in India. Nedmeds Franchise requires a capital of 15-20 lakh as an investment. Your chances of gaining profit from Netmeds are higher if you choose the right location.

5) 1mg:

TATA 1mg franchise is also a great option for investment. For your business in 1mg, a minimum investment of Rs. 20,000 is required as your franchise fee.

6) Generico:

Generico has collaborated with multiple strong collaborators to provide people with high-quality medicinal services and drugs. They have developed a strong team with years of expertise and have been successfully helping people for a long time with their genuine products.

7) Medzone:

Medzone is the best option for you if you want to set up a store in a rural area as it offers opportunities for both semi-rural and rural. Also, Medline has an extensive collection of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

8) Wellness Forever:

Wellness Forever was started in 2008 and it offers you a wide range of drugs and medicinal services. It is reported that the brand has 35% growth every year so it seems good for an investment.

9) Care N Cure:

Care and Cure offers you individual service and excellent medical products. Their customers are happiest for a long time and their loyalty can bring more happy customers. So, investment in this franchise will become very beneficial for you.

10) Medkart Pharmacy:

Medkart pharmacy is the best option for investment as its regular customers receive discounts on their medicinal purchases. So, in this way, Medkart separates itself from other franchises and appears to best one.

Pharmacy Franchise Businesses & Requirements

Requirements of Franchises vary from each other but there are a few points to be noted:

  1. Investment capital:- All Franchisees whether big or small, need sufficient capital for investment so that each and every aspect of a startup gets covered.
  2. Location:- Location plays one of the crucial roles in the franchise business. The profit of your Franchise majorly depends on the sale and for that, you need a suitable location.
  3. Licensing and certifications:- You must have all the necessary licenses and certificates needed to run a franchise business like a drug license, GST registration, etc.
  4. Infrastructure and equipment:- Appropriate infrastructure and equipment are key points of a Franchise business and include shelving, billing systems, etc.
  5. Trained staff:- Requirements of trained staff are a must because an untrained staff is not able to serve the public with the right medicines. So, giving healthcare training to your staff is a must.

Above mentioned top medical Franchise can help you develop a great business. On the basis of this article, you can decide in which Franchise you want to invest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Is the Apollo franchise a good one for investment?
Ans: Yes, investment in the Apollo franchise is a great choice if keeping all the other aspects like location, trained staff, infrastructure, etc. in mind.

Q.2 Is it true that Medkart offers its regular customers discounts?
Ans: Yes, it’s true

Q.3 Is GST registration required for the business of medicinal Franchises?
Ans: Yes

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