Massey Tractor Dealership Opportunity, Application Process, Cost & Profit

Are you looking to start a Tractor Business? And are you searching to own the dealership of a tractor company? If yes, then this article is for you because, in this write-up, we will provide everything you should know about the Tractor Dealership. One of the tractor dealerships that many new investors are opting for is Massey Tractor. To know more about how to start Massey Tractor Dealership in 2024, Investment Cost, Profit, and Application Process then kindly continue reading ahead.

About Massey Tractor Dealership 2024

Massey Tractor has become a hot topic in the market, and many investors are looking to take the dealership of this company. However, many of our readers are not aware of the steps that they need to follow for Massey Tractor Dealership or Franchise in India.

Let us tell you that Massey Tractor has witnessed a whopping growth in their sales, and as a result, many of the audience are looking to become partners and take the dealership of this company. Like any company, Massey also has certain criteria that need to be fulfilled before acquiring the leadership of Massey Tractor. If you also want to know the Requirements to get Massey Tractor Dealership, and What is the profit margin of Massey Tractor? Then please read this article thoroughly as we will guide you through everything needed for this tractor’s leadership.

Massey Tractor Dealership/ Franchise Opportunity

As we told you above Massey Tractor is one of the top companies, creating havoc among investors. Many new dealers are looking to be part of this company and looking for the perfect article that could help them through everything to get the Dealership of Massey Tractor. The demand for the new post on Tractor Dealership of Massey has risen for this.

Massey Tractor is a very popular brand, and it is very comfortable for the customer, and the reports show that it is very profitable for investors and business people. Hence, many investors are curious to know more about Massey Tractor Dealership. Please keep in touch with us as we are looking to dissect everything you want to know about the dealership of Massey Tractor.

Eligibility Requirements for Massey Tractor Dealership

The following are the eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled by the investors for the dealership of Massey:-

  1. The investors should be aged between 21 to 60 years,
  2. Should be able to invest 80-90 lac,
  3. The minimum land requirement is 3000 sq ft.

For acquiring Massey Tractor Dealership, the investors should be ready to add the following amount:-

  • One Lac Refundable security deposit,
  • Bank Guarantee of 20 Lac,
  • For the construction of the showroom, Shed, and office, 10-15 Lac is needed,
  • The investor should be ready with 2 Lac for spare parts.

Cost & Profit Margin of Massey Tractor Dealership

Massey Tractor usually sells two tractors, and their price range is:-

  1. Massey TAFE 35 HP Tractor: Rs 5,25,000/-
  2. Massey TAFE 40 HP Tractor: Rs 5,84,000/-

The following calculations explain the Profit from Massey Tractor:-

  • Consider you have sold 5 Massey Tractors, then your profit margin will be:
  • Gross Profit per month = per month Revenue X Margin per Tractor
  • Gross Profit per month = 26,25,000
  • Then Per Month Revenue will be 525000 X 5 (No. of tractors sold per month)
  • Per Month Revenue will be = 26,25,000/-

Procedure for Massey Tractor Dealership Online Application

To apply for the Massey Tractor dealership opportunity, follow the following steps:-

  1. Visit the authorized website i.e
  2. Fill in the details of the dealership form,
  3. Submit the form
  4. Within 2-3 days, you get a call from a customer executive
  5. For more queries, you can call 1800-4-200-200

Documents that are required for applying to the dealership of Massey Tractor:-

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof
  • Cancel cheque
  • GST Certificate
  • Trade License
  • MSME License
  • Business Registration
  • Bank Solvency Certificate
  • Commercial space paper
  • ITR (Last 2yrs.)

Tractor Dealership is one of the hottest businesses, and many investors are opting to earn more Profit. One such growing Tractor company is Massey Tractor. Many investors were enthusiastic to know more about this brand. Through this article, we have guided readers about the eligibility, cost, profit, application process, and requirements for Massey Tractor Dealership.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Is starting a Tractor Dealership/ Franchise a wise deal?
Yes, owning a tractor Dealership is a profitable business opportunity, and it might be instrumental in boosting your business to lakhs and crores.

Q.2 What is the Contact Helpdesk Number of Massey Tractor Dealership?
You can call on the toll-free helpdesk number of Massey Tractor at 1800-4200-200 to know more about the dealership.

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