ITC Distributorship Application Process, Cost, Profit Margin, Contact Details

ITC is a company that has many businesses and different products in the market. Therefore, it includes industries such as FMCG, Hotels, Software, Packaging, Agri Business, Information & Technology, etc. That is the reason this company is among the fastest-growing FMCG products in India. Now, their motive is to promote their products at a big level and also distribute them to a large group of people.

If you are also looking to invest your money and start a new business of your own then ITC company is a good choice. You are getting a chance to collaborate with a popular multinational company and to get its distributorship. In this blog post, we will help you to get all the required information about the ITC Distributorship Apply Online, including Cost, Profit Margin & Eligibility requirements. So, keep in touch with us and continue reading this article ahead to know more.

ITC Distributorship Application Process

On August 24, 1910, this company was incorporated as Imperial Tabacco Company (ITC) of India Limited. But as soon as company ownership was Indianised its name in 1970 changed to India Tobacco Company Limited. In 1974 once again it was renamed ITC Limited. The company handles multiple portfolios and wants to spread its business in India by distributing dealerships in every part of India. ITC Limited has over 50 FMCG products, across categories such as – Atta, Ghee, Salt, Potato chips, Finger snacks, Biscuits, Cookies & Cakes, Instant noodles, Pasta, confectionery, Juices & Beverages, Notebooks, Pen, Pencils, Art stationery, Safety Matches, Cream, Antiseptic Liquid, Soaps & Hand wash, Soaps & Shampoos, etc.

ITC Distributorship
ITC Distributorship

Additionally, the company has almost 13 businesses in 5 segments. And it exports its products to 90 countries, its products are available in 6 million retail outlets. Furthermore, It employs 36,500 people at more than 60 locations across India. Now, the demand for ITC products is increasing day by day so to tackle this problem. ITC company is trying to expand and spread its business to the more local level. Therefore, if you are also, interested in ITC distributorship or franchise 2024 then you may apply online for it. You can earn good profit and make a huge business through ITC products and their dealership.

Benefits of ITC Ltd Distributorship/ Franchise

The following are the features & benefits of ITC Limited that they provide to their distributors across the country.

  1. As we have told you above, it is one of the fastest-growing FMCG companies in the country.
  2. Hence, by taking ITC Distributorship, you can deal with many trusted FMCG brands.
  3. Also, it has a good image in front of the public and trusted brands.
  4. Moreover, it also provides good profits & margins to the distributors.
  5. And the products available in this company are used in day to day life so it has a good sale in the market.
  6. Most importantly, it gives proper and good support to their distributors & partners.
  7. As distributors are serviced by the efficient Sales Team regularly.
  8. Also, the company will help in building the necessary IT infrastructure set up to evolve with growing needs.
  9. Along with that, the Training & Development programs are conducted to develop the sales force’s capabilities.
  10. And to enhance sales they focus on incentivization and pay for performance to motivate and Equip the sales force with new tools to increase effectiveness.

ITC Distributorship Cost & Profit Margin in India

If you want to invest in ITC Distributorship or Franchise and you want to know the total cost of investment & profit margin. Then firstly, you must know that the franchise investment cost depends on the scale of your business. If you want to start your business on a Large Scale, the investment cost will be on the higher side. And if you want to start it on a medium or low scale then it would be much lower.

However, the initial investment cost for ITC distributorship in rural areas is around INR 5 to 10 lacs. And for urban areas, the cost would be higher around INR 15 lacs to 20 lacks or more. Also, the profit margin that you can get in the ITC franchise would be around 3%-5%. Thus, the profit margin also depends on the product category if it is a high-selling product. Then the margin will be less and if it is low-selling products then the margin will be much higher up 5% or even 8% also.

ITC Distributor Price List 2024 – Key Highlights

Article About
  • ITC Distributorship Application Process
  • Franchise/ Dealership Cost & Profit
Company Name ITC (Imperial Tobacco Company)
Launched on 1910
Headquarters Kolkata, West Bengal
Products FMCG products (Food & Beverages)
Type Private Company
Investment Cost INR 5 to 20 lacs
Profit Margin 3% to 8%
Official Website
Post Category Company Distributorship

Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required for ITC Franchise

Those who are interested must check the eligibility criteria before applying for an ITC Distributorship or Franchise. There are some rules and basic requirements that must be followed for applying for an ITC distributorship.

  1. First of all, the person who is applying for a dealership of ITC must be a citizen of India.
  2. Secondly, you must be a minimum of 25 years old to run the business.
  3. Importantly, applicants from rural areas should have a minimum initial Stock Purchase of 5 lakh – 10 lakh rupees, and for urban areas, the initial stock should be 15 lacks to 20 lakh rupees.
  4. You must have sufficient space of 1500 sq ft to 4000 sq ft for the godown area and require about 100 sq ft of office space.
  5. Also, there must be proper arrangements for a workforce like accountants, loaders, unloaders, drivers, staff, and marketing managers.
  6. Furthermore, the basic infrastructure required for the office should be also available in the workplace like a computer, printer, table, chair, inverter, CCTV camera, etc.
  7. Most importantly, you must have some knowledge of FMCG products and their business.

List of required documents for ITC dealership

  • ID Proof – Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card
  • Address Proof – Electricity Bill/Ration Card
  • Photograph, Email Id, Mobile Number
  • Current A/C and cancel Cheque.
  • Gumasta License (Trade license)
  • The NOC
  • GST Number
  • Shop Act License

Procedure for ITC Distributorship/Franchise Apply Online

If you have read all the above-mentioned eligibility criteria and you find yourself eligible. Then you may apply for ITC Distributorship. Follow the below-given steps and procedures carefully;

  1. Firstly, you need to visit the official website of ITC Ltd company.
  2. On the home page, search for the “contact us” option. And then click on it.
  3. After that, the application form will appear on your screen.
  4. You need to fill in the required details after reading the form thoroughly.
  5. Basic information is still required to be filled in. Now, click on the submit button.
  6. In this way, your application process for ITC distributorship has been completed.
  7. If the application form is selected by the representative they will call you to discuss further.
  8. And if all the conditions of the company are fulfilled, then you will get approval for the dealership.
  9. Furthermore, they will guide you in setting up your shop and train you on how to manage inventory, how to approach retailers and other details.

Important Note:- Before taking a Distributorship, make sure that there is no other ITC Distributorship within a radius of 4-5 km from your planned shop. If there is a ITC Distributorship nearby, you are very unlikely to find a Distributorship.

ITC Distributorship Contact Number

For those who are facing some trouble or problems regarding ITC Distributorship, we have mentioned the customer care number below. So, you may easily contact the ITC Company official team for the dealership or distributorship. Along with that, we have shared the email id of the company and the registered head office address.

  •  Contact Number:- +91-33-22889371
  • Email ID:- [email protected]
  • ITC Head Office Address:- ITC LIMITED Virginia House, 37, J. L. Nehru Road, Kolkata – 700071, India.

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