Idli Guru Franchise Cost & Profit Margin: How to Start, Requirements, Inquiry Contact Number

Finding the best Franchise Business Opportunity in India is one of the most difficult tasks. People are looking for the best profitable franchise opportunity to open a fast food outlet but are confused about the profit margin, investment range, etc. Don’t worry, here we have shared one of the best profitable franchise outlets, which provides the South Indian dishes experience all over India. Yes, you heard it right! The Idli Gurur Franchise is one of the best South Indian Fast Food chains in India. In this article, we will share in-depth details about the Idli Guru Franchise Cost & Profit Margin along with the details of How to Start this business, Requirements, and Inquiry Contact Number.

Idli Guru Franchise Cost & Profit Margin

The Kartik Shetty starts “Idli Guru” in late 2021. It is one of the most growing and well-known South Indian Food brands and one of the most affordable and rapidly growing food eateries in Southern India. It is a Bengaluru-based company that is known for providing the rare and unique taste of Idli. Idli Guru has opened more than 30 franchise outlets across India. It is known for the Thatte Idli. They are also known for their top-notch chutney with different taste experiences- the service between 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM.

Idli Guru Franchise Cost & Profit Margin: How to Start, Requirements, Inquiry Contact Number

Now the Idli Guru expanding their brand rapidly. If you’re looking for a low-investment & profitable food outlet, then it should be your priority. All you need to just a decent investment to start the Idli Guru Franchise. It is also popular on Social Media platforms and also covered in the various video blogs, which get positive responses from users. This article will contain the details regarding How to Start an Idli Guru Franchise in India including Investment Cost, Profit Margin, Requirements, and Inquiry Number.

Requirements to Start Idli Guru Franchise Business

Here are the complete requirements to set up Idli Guru Franchise business. Look at the below point to open the Idli Guru Franchise Outlet:-

  1. You must have worked in the Food Industry before. People who have an interest in and passion for working with Idli Gru contribute their best to establish a brand as well.
  2. The space requirement is also essential. You need approximately 400-500 sq ft. It will conatcts teh sitiing arrngemnets and kitchen set up.
  3. The other thing is investment, you people need to complete investment with working capital to run your franchise outlet.
  4. Idli Gurur Franchise also required the completion and qualify the training program. After completing the Idli Guru Franchise Training, you people can pen the outlet.
  5. Some documents are also required in the Idli Gurur Franchise, you have to submit personal and professional documents as well. It will include the business-related documents.
  6. Applicants must have the proper paling and site research for the Idli Gurur Franchise, which will be prominently in Southern India. The location at the place, where heavy footfalls appeared.
  7. You need staff who manage the sales, cooking, and customer handling. So, you have required the approx 4-5 Staff at least for your outlet.

Documents Required for Idli Guru Franchise Application

The List of the complete documents required in the Idli Gurur Franchise is given below;

  • ID Proof- Aadhar and PAN Card
  • Age Proof- Vatoer ID Card
  • Address Proof- Electricity Bill
  • Bank Passbook
  • PD cheques- If necessary
  • GST License and other necessary stuff
  • Brand agreement
  • Store agreement Paper
  • Food and FSSAI Licence
  • Local municipality authorization

Idli Guru Cafe Franchise Investment Cost

In this section, we will share the estimated investment required for the Idli Guru Cafre Franchise. You need approximately Rs 15-20 Lacs Investment to open the Idli Guru Franchise, It will include the Rent, Working Capital, Staff Salary, Raw Materials, Machinery & Equipment, and so on. Look at the below details;

Franchise/ Brand Fee Rs 2-3 Lacs
Application Fees Rs. 5,000/
Machinery & Equipments Cost Rs 3-4 Lakhs Approx
Interior &  Infrastructure Cost Rs 2-2.5  Lakhs (Approx)
Advance Raw Material Cost Rs 4-5 Lacs
Trade Licence/ GST Registration/ Fssai License Rs. 1 Lakhs Approx
Total Investment Approx INR 15-20 Lacs

Idli Guru Franchise Business Profit Margin

Before investing in the franchise model, people want to know the Profit Margin of the Idli Guru Franchise Business. So, the Idli Guru Profit Margin is approx 20% to 30%. The net profit is based on the sales you have made in a month. But, you will get the heavy profit percentage in the Idli Guru outlets. If you make sales of 5 Lacs in a Month, then you will easily get Rs 1-1.5 Lacs. To calculate your profit, you can deduct the expenses from the gross sales. The value you get is your net profit.

How to Open an Idli Guru Franchise in India?

The Idli Guru does not have an official website yet. But, they have 30+ Franchise outlets in India and planning to open more this year. To apply for the Idli Guru, you have to keep in mind the following steps;

  1. Before joining the Idli Guru Franchise, you need to be familiar with Idli Gurur’s terms & conditions. So, read it out carefully.
  2. Please make sure to read the full agreement and conditions that apply to the business.
  3. Look at the requirements and full fill as well. When all things are managed, then you can apply offline & online.
  4. So, you can visit the official website of the Idli Gurur website, which is going to be released soon.
  5. Now, you can also count via the Instagram Channel of Idli Guru. And go to the Bio of Idli Guru.
  6. There, you will get the Franchise Application Form. Just click on it and the Google form will appear.
  7. Fill out the complete Franchise Form and pay the Application fees. Your request has been submitted to Superfly.
  8. You will get the response shortly via Email, phone, etc.

Idli Guru Franchise Inquiry Contact Number

Address 1st Block, 2nd Cross Road, Banaswadi, Bangalore
Inquiry Contact Number N/A
Instagram Channle Link
Official Website N/A

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