Honda Dealership Apply Online: Requirements, Investment Cost, Dealer Application Request Form

Looking for a Profitable Automobile Dealership, but don’t know which one is best then you are at the right place. The Honda Dealership is one of the most profitable and decent Investment dealerships, which provides the best facilities to their dealer with heavy profit. Honda is one of the fastest-growing Automobile Industries, which manufactures Cars & bikes. Here, you will get all the details regarding the Honda Dealership Apply Online along with the Requirements, Investment Cost, Profit Share, and Dealer Application Request Form. Stay tuned to the article for more details.

Honda Dealership Apply Online

As we all know “Honda Motor Co., Ltd.” is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and battery-powered equipment, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It has a total revenue of 1,01,07,62, Crore US Dollars. This company has various branches across the world. In India, Honda is the main and popular manufacturing bike & car company, which offers various types of Automobiles. Honda has been selling automobiles (premier cars) in India since December 1995.

Honda Dealership Apply Online: Requirements, Investment Cost, Dealer Application Request Form

Apart from this, the Automobile Industry is facing the most competitive environment. So, they are mainly focusing on promoting and expanding their brands all over India. They have already reached the level of the Indian cities and now providing the one of most profitable car dealership programs. In this article, we have shared the complete details about How to Apply for Honda Dealership 2024 including its Requirements, Investment Cost, Profit Margin, and Request Form. Keep scrolling down below.

Requirements to Open Honda Car Dealership in India

Just follow the below process and fill in the requirements to get the Honda Car Dealership in INDIA:- 

  1. The first thing you people need is Space/ Area in the preferred location. The location will be at the place near the road and main markets. You need space of 2500-4500 sq ft for Honda Cars Showrooms, Dealers & Service Centres.
  2. People have to acquire essential personal & business-related documents. You also have to acquire Legal documents like a license & agreement.
  3. To start the Dealership of Honda Cars, you have to require an Investment Cost of INR 5-7 Crores. It will include all types of Dealership Costs & Other Operating expenses,
  4. People need to the highly skilled in Administrative & Supervisory Skills. It is important to grow the sales and maintain the sales.
  5. You also have to qualify for the training provided by the company. The ability of Management/Supervision is also required.
  6. Applicant needs to have a staff of 6-8 to manage all your business. It will include the helper, cleaner, receptionist, salesmen, etc.

Honda Car & 2-wheeler Dealership Cost & Invetsment

If you want to start a Honda 2-Wheel Dealership & want to know the Honda Car Dealership Investment Cost, you have to require an Investment of Rs 5-7 Cr for the Car or Bike Dealership, For more details, look at the below specifications:-

Dealership Cost Rs 25-30 Lacs
Infrastructure & Decoration  Cost Rs 50-80 Lacs
Initial Stock Car/Bike Rs 3-4 Crores
Initial Stock of Spare Parts Rs 50-60 lacs
Initial StoInitial Accessories Rs 20-30 lacs
Working Capital ( Including all types of Other Expenses) Rs 90 Lacs- 1 Crore
Total Investment INR 5-7 Crores

Honda Car Dealership Business Profit Margin

In the Honda Car Dealership opportunity sharing is 95% for Franchisee and 4% for Franchisor. The 5% is Royalty Charges. In the dealership, the ROI time break is just 24 – 36 Months. The Honda Dealership is profitable. Honda two two-wheeler & car dealership is profitable. But, it also depends on what city or region you want to open your showroom. The market survey has to be done before. And the Number of sales also determines your profit. If you have made sales as well, then well can easily get a profit of 5-6 Lacs per month.

The Honda Dealership will include Honda Cars Showrooms, Dealers & Service Centres. You have to require the area, proper planning, and initial investment for the Honda Showroom Centre and Dealers. In the Honda Dealership, you get a profit margin of 10-15%. So, you can start this profitable business as well. You just have to submit the form online & offline to apply to this Dealership program.

Honda Car Dealer Application Request Form

To apply for the Honda Car Dealership, interested people have to fill out the “Honda Car Dealer Application Request Form”. This application form will be available at You just have to Apply for Honda Car Dealership on the official website. Then choose the application form by also visiting the Contact Us Form.

In this form, you just have to provide the basic details like Name, Address, Contact Number & other related queries. Then follow up the required procedure to apply for the Honda Car Dealer Application. After submitting the application form, the company will verify and match your requirements and then call you about the Dealership opportunity. To download the Hodna Car Dealership 2024 Application Request Form in PDF format, then click the link available below.

PDF Download => Honda Dealership Application Request From

Contact Details for Honda Cars & 2-wheeler Dealership

  • Office Address: ¬†1302-1306, Kesar Solitaire, Plot No 5, Sector 19, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai – 400705.
  • Contact Number: 1800113121 (Toll-Free)
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Official Website:

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