Hitachi ATM Franchise 2024, Space for Rent Application Form & Contact Number

Hitachi ATM Franchise Apply Online, Space for Rent Application Form & Contact Number: ATM franchising is a great business option for incumbents or entrepreneurs interested in earning money by running and maintaining White Label ATMs. It is a high-margin asset with a modest investment requirement that allows you to profit from any cash and cashless WLA ATM. Consumers often pay a service fee for each transaction in return for the continued availability of cash. This charge is paid directly to the dealer and goes towards machine maintenance and upkeep.

Hitachi ATM Franchise

In India, our White label ATM deployment is known as “Hitachi Money Spot ATM.” We are one of the few non-bank businesses in India that have been licensed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to deploy White label ATMs around the country, with a major emphasis on Tier 3 to Tier 6 cities.

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Hitachi ATM Franchise
Hitachi ATM Franchise Apply Online


Hitachi ATM Franchise Space for Rent – Highlights

Article about
  • Hitachi ATM Franchise Apply in 2024
  • Space for Rent Application Form & Contact Number
Name Hitachi
Headquarters Mumbai 
Type  Public Company
Founded 2008
Address Level – 2, Silicon Towers, 23/1-B, Velachery Tambaram Main Road, Pallikaranai, Chennai – 600 100.
Contact +91 44 6156 7600 & +91 22 3954 1800
Official Website Click Here
FAQs Mentioned below

Benefits of Hitachi ATM franchise

  • Any revenue generated in addition to one’s normal income or pay is referred to as additional income.
  • An increase in the number of individuals visiting a business might potentially lead to an increase in sales.
  • A better store reputation refers to a shop’s high standing and perceived worth among its consumers and neighborhood.
  • Cash safety refers to the precautions taken to protect cash against theft, fraud, or loss.

Choose the Hitachi ATM Franchise

  • The benefits of being linked with the well-known and recognized Hitachi brand are referred to as branding and marketing benefits.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunity is a chance to create and manage a business, generally with a certain amount of freedom and risk.
  • A minimal investment requires a small amount of initial cash to begin a business or venture.
  • A high return on investment refers to the possible profit or income generated by an investment in comparison to the amount invested.
  • The aid, direction, and resources offered to individuals or enterprises to help them succeed in their endeavors are referred to as dedicated support and training.

Steps to Install Hitachi ATM Space for Rent Application Form

The following is an overview of the basic processes to take when requesting a Hitachi ATM Space for Rent Application Form in a commercial location:-

  • To learn more about the procedure, speak with a qualified vendor or real estate broker.
  • To establish an ATM, apply to a bank or non-banking financial institution. (NBFI). 
  • The application must include all pertinent information regarding the property, including the region, city, and nearby attractions.
  • The request will be reviewed, local demand and visitor traffic will be assessed, and necessary action will be taken. 
  • Banks usually favor real estate that is free of liens or liabilities.
  • After the application has been approved, the applicant must complete the standard form, including any needed additional information. 

Calculating Hitachi ATM Franchise Associated Expenses & Reimbursement

Costs of ATM installation “When you rent space for ATMs, you pay a monthly fee and provide security to the bank, which can range from 2,000 to 3,000 rubles depending on the area, state, and number of ATMs.” In the end, the money is refunded. The ATM business system, on the other hand, does not charge a monthly fee; rather, you are responsible for the site’s maintenance fees, which might vary between 25,000 and 30,000 rupees.

Financial Capacity for Hitachi ATM Franchise

The NBFCs that install white-brand ATMs might make a minimum of Rs 15,000-25,000. However, there is no monthly rental revenue if you pick a licensed vending machine. Wages are affected by the number of daily chores. Vending machine licensing dealers are paid Rs 15 for cash transfers and Rs 5 for non-cash transactions. If there are 200 transactions per day, including 150 withdrawals and 50 non-cash transactions, the total amount generated is Rs. 2500, for example, a farmer can make between 50,000 and 60,000 rupees per month after deducting all expenditures.

Benefits of taking Hitachi Payment Services ATM Franchise

  • Partnership opportunity with India’s leading White Label ATM operator. supported by the trustworthy Hitachi Group. Make a little initial investment that will be reimbursed. guarantee High ROI: ROI of 33% in year one, with the potential to increase to 53% in year five. 
  • Flexible business model: utilize an existing website or create your own. 
  • Drive ATM is completely owned by you. Cash load is usable. Frontline maintenance and dealership offerings. Training and Technical Assistance: The Hitachi team provides dedicated background assistance.

Required Documents for Hitachi ATM Franchise

There are a few essential documents that must be submitted to apply for a Hitachi ATM franchise. Below, you will find a list of all the documents that you will need to complete the application:

  • Voter ID
  •  Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card 
  • Address Proof
  • Rashan Card 
  • Electricity Bill 
  • Additional Information
  • Photograph of a passbook or bank account
  • Email Address 
  • Telephone
  • Financial Documents 
  • GST Number

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1 How do you go about requesting an ATM placement? 
You can apply online or in person by meeting with bank representatives.

Q.2 How can I get in touch with the bank to set up an ATM? 
You can directly question the CEO of the bank on these requirements. Banks routinely use newspaper advertisements to find new locations for ATMs.

Q.3 Is an ATM franchise a viable business venture? 
Yes, an ATM franchise is an excellent alternative if you are seeking a business opportunity that will provide you with a strong return on investment (ROI) with a low initial investment.

Q.4 How much does it cost to start a Hitachi ATM franchise? 
Ans. You can begin with a one-time refundable* deposit of Rs 2 and around 3 rupees for daily ATM operation.

Q.5 Can I apply for a Hitachi ATM franchise despite my lack of ATM management experience? 
You may apply for a Hitachi ATM franchise, sure. Because officers will teach you day-to-day ATM operations like first-level maintenance (FLM), cash loading, and cash handling as part of the onboarding process.

For more details, kindly contact the Hitachi ATM Franchise Customer Care Number => (+91) 44-6156-7600 / 22-3954-1800 or visit their official website.

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