Havmor Ice Cream Franchise Cost: Profit Margin, Distributor Requirements, Enquiry

Investment Cost Area Required Franchise Fee Contact Details
15-25 lacs 600 to 800 sqft


10 lacs www.havmor.com/franchise

As the old saying goes a day without Ice Cream is wasted. Established in the year 1944 and now part of the Well Food Co Ltd. It was founded by Mr Satish Chona. Today “Havmor” has a diverse product comprising more than 60+ varieties of Ice Cream flavors, ready-to-eat products, and authentic kulfis. All ice creams are made with pure milk and the finest ingredients. The company Presently has 72,000 retail outlets and over 200 flagship stores spread over 18 states and 5 union territories. To know more about Havmor Ice Cream Franchise Cost including the Profit Margin, Distributor Requirements, ROI, and Enquiry Number, keep on reading this post ahead.

Havmor Ice Cream Franchise Cost in India

With the advancement of technology, the company can produce over 4 million liters of Ice Cream every day. The stringent quality checks are testimonial to the fact that the company adheres to the highest quality standards. The Company has also tied up with Corporate establishments and 5-star hotels which include Le Meridian, Taj, Four Seasons, Radisson, Marriott Crown Plaza, and Indian Institute of Management. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the ice cream business would do well to consider the Havmor Ice Cream Franchise in India.

Havmor Ice Cream Franchise Cost - Profit Margin, Distributor Requirements, Enquiry

Havmor Company Profile, Franchise Cost & Requirements

Company Name Havmor Pvt ltd
Official Website https://www.havmor.com/franchise
Dealership Type Bakery Sweets and Cream
Franchise Fees INR 10 lakhs
Infrastructure investment Rs 4-5 Lakhs
Franchise Agreement 2 years
Royalty Commission 2%
Miscellaneous Expenses (Including Rent, Sitting Infrastructure, CCTV) ₹2 Lakhs per month
Minimum Space Required 600- 800 square feet.
Total Investment INR 20-25 Lakhs

How to Get Havmor Ice Cream Franchise Store in 2024?

Now let’s check the process of How to start the Havmor Ice Cream Franchise below;

  1. Kindly visit the official website of Havmor Ice Cream Franchise by clicking the link here => https://www.havmor.com/franchise
  2. On the main page, you will see the Application Form fill in the details.
  3. Here enter your Name, Email ID, and Mobile Number, and then select your State, City, Property Details, and Proposed Investment.
  4. In the next box, enter your Franchise Query and other details.
  5. Once the application is submitted the Havmor team evaluates the potential franchisee based on various factors, including financial capability, business acumen, and alignment with the brand’s values. Successful applicants receive approval to proceed to the next steps.
  6. The Havmor team works closely with franchisees to select an ideal location, considering factors such as footfall, visibility, and local demographics.
  7. Once the location and investment criteria are satisfied the final Franchise agreement will be signed.
  8. Havmor Ice Cream places great emphasis on training its franchisees. Comprehensive training programs cover various aspects of operating a successful ice cream business, including product knowledge, customer service, and operational procedures. Ongoing support is provided to ensure that franchisees are well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the frozen dessert industry.
  9. The Havmor franchise team proceeded to set up their ice cream parlor. From interior design to equipment installation, every detail is meticulously planned to create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing space.

Profit Margin of Havmor Ice Cream Franchise Outlet

The profit margin can be calculated by the Following Formula (Profit margin: Net Revenue – Gross Sales per month)

Here we can assume 2.5 lakh sales per month;

Rent ₹50,000
Electricity Bill, Internet Rs 50,000 per month
Staff Required minimum 3 to 4 Rs 70,000 per month.
Royalty Commission 2%
Total Profit Margin

Net Revenue – Gross sales per month.

Rs 84,000 per month

NOTE:- Return of Investment (ROI) for a Havmor Franchise assuming that the location is a good one around 1 to 2 years.

Requirements to Set Up Havmor Franchise Dealership

The following are the essential Documents Required to Apply for the Havmor Ice Cream Franchise;

  • Proprietor Aadhar Copy.
  • TAN Copy (Tax Deduction and Account Number).
  • Photo graphs.
  • Shop Address Proof.
  • NOC of Shop.
  • Franchise Agreement

Advantage of Getting a Havmor Franchise

  1. Marketing and Advertising Support => Being a part of the Havmor Ice Cream franchise means leveraging the brand’s marketing prowess. National and local marketing initiatives are undertaken to create brand awareness and attract customers to franchise outlets. This collective marketing approach enhances the visibility and success of individual franchises.
  2. Diverse Product Range => One of the strengths of Havmor Ice Cream is its diverse and innovative product range. From classic flavors to unique creations, the brand caters to a wide audience with varied taste preferences. This diversity allows franchisees to attract a broad customer base, ensuring consistent foot traffic and sales.
  3. Operational Support and Training => Havmor Ice Cream Periodic Training which includes Operations support which includes Supply chain management, marketing strategies, and periodic evaluations. This support system is designed to help franchisees overcome challenges and optimize their business performance.
  4. Established Brand Presence => Havmor Ice Cream has a rich heritage and a strong presence in the Indian market. As a franchisee, you benefit from the trust and loyalty that the brand has built over decades, giving your business a head start in a competitive industry.
  5. Innovation and Seasonal Offerings => Havmor Ice Cream stays ahead of the curve by introducing innovative flavors and seasonal offerings. Franchisees can tap into the excitement generated by new product launches, keeping their offerings fresh and appealing to customers year-round

Contact Details of Havmor Franchise Enquiry

  • Address: Corporate Office, 2nd floor, Commerce House 4, Besides the shell petrol pump, Prahladnagar Anandnagar Road, Ahmedabad-380015,
  • Mobile Number: 079 4020 9000
  • CUSTOMER CARE: 022 4246 0606
  • Email ID: [email protected]

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