GO Gas Dealership/ Agency Online Registration, Cost & Profit Margin

GO Gas is one of India’s leading LPG suppliers with a growing business network. Becoming a GO gas dealer is a lucrative business opportunity that offers a steady income stream and growth potential. However, getting a GO Gas Dealership is not as easy as it seems. The competition is tight and the selection process is long. To know more about How to start GO Gas Dealership/ Agency in 2024 along with investment cost, profit, and online registration process, kindly continue reading ahead.

GO Gas Agency/ Dealership 2024

LPG is an integral part of many people’s lives and about 75% of Indian citizens use it. So, with the huge demand for LPG in India, this company has huge potential for growth and profitability. Many people believe that starting an LPG business can be a good source of income and a great business opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs. So if you’re also looking for Go Gas Agency Apply Online details then you came to the right web page. Here we share everything about GO GAS DEALERSHIP.

Reselling Go Gas can be a good business opportunity, especially if the demand for LPG in India increases. Go Gas has a strong position in the market and a reputation as a supplier of high-quality products and services. By becoming a Go Gas dealer, you can join the main liquid gas network and benefit from the company’s support system. However, before making any decision, do some market research in your area and know the market potential for LPG. Keep scrolling down below.

Go Gas Dealership Apply Online – Highlights

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  • GO Gas Dealership Online Apply/ Registration Form
  • Cost & Profit for Go Gas Agency
Name of LPG Gas Provider Go Gas Agency
Type Commercial & Domestic Gas
Beneficiaries  Who wants to start their own business
Application mode Online
Places Required All India
Category Dealership Registration
Official Web Portal www.gogas.co

Why should one opt for Go Gas?

  1. Lightweight:- Composite cylinders are lightweight and easy to handle, making them popular with home users.
  2. Explosion Proof:- Go Gas Elite composite cylinders are explosion-proof, making them safe for use in homes and other residential areas.
  3. LPG Visibility:- The transparent body of the cylinder allows users to see the gas level in the cylinder, thus making it easy to measure how much gas is left.
  4. Energy efficient:- Composite cylinders are designed to be energy efficient, meaning they require less gas to maintain the same temperature as metal cylinders.
  5. Rust Resistant:- The composite cylinder body is rust resistant, ensuring that the cylinder lasts longer and requires less maintenance.
  6. Easy Regulator Attachment:- Elite compound cylinders are compatible with most LPG regulators on the market, making them easy to install and use.
  7. Easy Lifting Handle:- Cylinders have a built-in handle for easy lifting and moving.

Go Gas Dealership Cost & Investment

If you want to invest in a Go Gas dealership for commercial LPG cylinders, you need around 13-16 lakh rupees for investment. This includes many expenses as I mentioned below: 5000 sq. ft. cost of roof construction which is Rs 10,00,000/-. If you are already down, you can consider a monthly rent of around 1,00,000 rupees. It will cost Rs.60,000/- to get permission from the PESO department. You need accessories like a computer, printer, CCTV, etc. to set up the office. which costs around Rs.1,00,000/-,200 for 200 empty commercial bottles (21 kg), you have to deposit Rs. 20,000/-. The price of gas per kilogram in a commercial LPG cylinder is Rs 55/-.

Therefore, the total cost of filling 200 cylinders is Rs 2,31,000/-. Depending on the size of the market in your area, you can also start with at least 150 cylinders. So investing in a Go Gas commercial LPG cylinder distributor can be a good choice for those who are interested in this field.

Go Gas Elite Resale Cost:

To invest in Go Gas Elite, you have to pay Rs 5, 40,000 for 300 empty compound bottles (10 kg) at Rs 1,800 per bottle. It costs Rs 1,15,000 to fill 300 cylinders with gas. Therefore, the total investment required for an Elite LPG dealer is Rs.6,55,500/-.

Go Gas Profit Margin:

Since the distribution margin is Rs 44 per cylinder, this is an income of Rs. 7. 3 million per month. For an average distributor selling, say, 6-8000 cylinders per month, the profit will not be more than R1000 per month after costs are taken into account.

Go Gas Dealers at Various Levels (Online Registration)

Go Gas is the most popular brand in India with the largest number of Autonomous LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS). It is distributed on three individual levels of the organization, namely:

1) Super distributor (Prime Level) => They are directly associated with the company and appoint regional distributors in predefined categories. They can also recommend regional distributors based on their direct inquiries. Take care of the exchange and transfer of filled/empty bottles from the company to your warehouses. Take care of logistics, legal license support, and security measures along with corporate support for storage, use, and purchase of LPG as per regulations of relevant authorities and legal entities.

2) Regional Distributor (Medium) => They coordinate directly with the main distributor and assign retailers under their jurisdiction. In case of empty/filled cylinders, arrange logistic support for the transfer of goods from the main seller to distributors and vice versa. They must also comply with legislation and legal conflicts with relevant authorities.

3) Retailer (Local Level) => They take orders from consumers and inform retailers of booking confirmations and cancellations. They provide services to residential and commercial users in their designated areas. They follow legal formalities and customs.

Required Documents for Go Gas Agency

Documentation needed for starting a Go Gas Agency/ Dealership:-

  • Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, voter cards, and driver’s licenses serve as identification proof.
  • Power Bill or Ration Card
  • Canceled Check,
  • Photograph,
  • Email ID,
  • Phone Number,
  • Business Registration,
  • Lease Agreement, and Sale Deed.

Contact Details of Go Gas Distributor

If you have any questions related to the Go Gas Agency Dealership investment/ Distributor Profit, you can contact the company through the below details:-

  1. CORPORATE OFFICE: Confidence Petroleum India Ltd. the Floor Landmark Building Ramdas Path, Nagpur- 0 012
  2. Email ID: [email protected]
  3. Phone Number: 0712-6606 92
  4. Website URL: https://www.gogas.co/

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