Drunken Monkey Franchise Apply Online: Investment Cost, Profit Margin, Contact Number

Starting a new business is not an easy task but getting a profitable franchise is easy. A franchise partnership with Drunken Money can generate low investment and maximum profit. The process of applying for the franchise is easy but you have to understand some statics before your investment. The most important thing is how much you will earn profit in a month when you reach breakeven, the company background, and its products with the help of support from the franchiser. In this article, you can explore all the details about the Drunken Monkey Franchise Apply Online along with the Investment Cost, Profit Margin, and Contact Number. That will lead you to finalize your decision because your money is valuable and choosing the right franchise is good for your investment.

Drunken Monkey Franchise Apply Online

Let us tell you that “Drunken Monkey” is a profitable business, that offers a wide range of smoothies that are fresh, and locally grown. Drunken Monkey is beating the market by producing over 200 types of smoothies with quality and healthy ingredients. You can order smoothie bowls that are a combination of dates, cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts. The combination of fruits gives a rich taste. As we know people pay for the test, not for the product. Drunken Monkey company is expanding rapidly all over India and other countries. The core part of the business is providing health in a most elegant way with taste.

All the ingredients used in making smoothies are natural which people love the most in this brand. There is no addition of artificial flavors or sugar and preservatives. Now the smoothies are further increased the taste with other natural items such as figs, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Chia, and Basil seeds. There are a lot of other unique and tasty products are need to launched because it has huge potential in products. It gives diverse nutritional value with single smoothies. If you’re interested in How to Open a Drunken Monkey Franchise in India then check the Investment Cost, Profit Margin, Application process, and other related details through this post below.

Drunken Monkey Franchise Apply Online: Investment Cost, Profit Margin, Contact Number

Drunken Monkey Franchise Business – Should Apply Or Not

As we have mentioned above the Drunken Monkey is working great and flourish all over India as soon as possible. The core strength of the business is providing natural, nutritious, and healthy smoothies. After COVID-19, people are more leaning towards a healthy diet and want to be healthy. As we saw immense growth in Gyms we will soon know this brand on our lips.

Now you will get high protein with rich taste and this is what people need in modern times. However, you have to look at competitors around and check the advantages and disadvantages. You should apply for this franchise but also do your analysis.

Drunken Monkey Franchise Cost In India – Overview

The Drunken Monkey will take around 7 lakh as a franchise fee and other investments approx 10 lakhs to 12 lakhs. You need a minimum of 200 square feet area to open a shop. You can explore the details below

Expenses Amount (INR)
Franchise Fee – 7 lakhs
(+18% GST)
Machinery and Equipment 4,00,000 To 5,00,000
Advance Raw Material 40,000 To 50,000
Interior and Civil Cost 3,00,000 To 3,50,000
Other Expenses 50,000 To 60,000
Total Cost INR 17,76,000 To 19,00,000

What is the Profit Margin of the Drunken Monkey Franchise?

There are different sales of different outlets. This chart will give you a detailed view of how much the Drunken Monkey franchise will make money for you. You can analyze your profit and margin.

Particulars Best Case Sales (₹) Average Sales (₹) Worst Case Sales (₹)
Monthly Gross Sales 5,00,000 3,50,000 2,00,000
Cost of Material 30% -1,50,000 -1,05,000 -60,000
Space Rent -50,000 -44,000 -40,000
Royalty 6% -30,000 -21,000 -12,000
Employee Salary -50,000 -45,000 -40,000
Electricity and Water Bills -18,000 -14,000 -10,000
Online Delivery Platforms -15,000 -11,000 -8,000
Other Expenses -10,000 -10,000 -10,000
Total Net Profit 2,27,000 (45.4% of sales) 1,00,000 (28.57% of sales) 20,000 (10% of sales)

How To Apply For Drunken Monkey Franchise in India?

If you have considered all the criteria and understand the business model of Drunken Monkey, now you are one step away from applying. In this section, check the steps of the application process:-

  1. In the first place, you have to visit the official website of Drunken Monkey or directly click this link here => Drunken Monkey | Best smoothies near me.
  2. A home page will open before you and you have to click on Partner With Us link.
  3. An application form will open where you have to enter information such as Name, Email ID, location, contact number, and message.
  4. In massage, you have to write that you want to partner with your company and are interested in your franchise.
  5. After that, click on the “Submit” button and the process has been completed.
  6. The support team will contact you about the franchise.

Drunken Monkey Franchise’s Contact Number

  • Email ID – [email protected]
  • Official Site – https://www.thedrunkenmonkey.in/

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