Cream Stone Franchise Cost in India: Apply Online, Profit Margin, Enquiry Contact Number

Ice Cream is one the of popular desserts in India that is preferred by almost everyone. There is no age limit when it comes to ice cream. In the summertime, people get used to eating ice cream and this dessert can be seen in marriage catering services. Being a popular dessert, many players have entered this market to make their ice cream brands popular. But the question is how we can choose the best brand as a franchise partner to make a profit. Well, this is not easy to find the best ice cream franchise but we come with a popular brand called “Cream Stone”. Now we will look at some insights into this brand i.e. Cream Stone Franchise Cost in India, Apply Online, Profit Margin, and Enquiry Contact Number. Also, check whether should we consider this brand for franchise or not. Let’s check the details below.

Cream Stone Franchise Cost In India

Let us tell you that ‘Cream Stone’ is a growing franchise business and the company is in the process of establishing a great brand in India. It is known as “King Of Ice Creams” due to have huge variety of desserts with high quality. Cream Stone can serve a wide range of products due to its experimental thinking and presentation. The Cream Stone has designed different products as per the customer needs and behavior such as Nutty Concepts, Chocolate Concepts, Fresh Fruit Concepts, Diet Concepts, Summer Specials, Kids Concepts, Mini Concepts, Frozen Sundaes Concepts, and Thick Shakes Ice-Cream Cakes because Customers love to have different tastes.

Cream Stone is an Indian startup launched in Hyderabad in 2009. The company is gradually opening its other ice cream stores through the franchise model. At the current time, Cream Stone is operating in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. The success of the company is derived from healthy ingredients with diverse and outstanding flavors. Cream Stone’s rich flavors may not seen in other ice cream brands. Customer can select ice cream as per their physical need if they are on a diet then they can choose diet concepts where they will get various ice creams. Well, we collected enough information about the company let’s check other details about Cream Stone Franchise Cost and Profit including How to Apply Online and Enquiry Contact Number through this post below.

Cream Stone Franchise Cost in India: Apply Online, Profit Margin, Enquiry Contact Number

Reason To Open Cream Stone Franchise Business

Branding is much more important than your product. Product is also important but many people are making foods better than big brands but they are earning less. So, Branding, product, and customer satisfaction are important in such type of business to grow profitable. The below points will help you to understand:-

  1. Cream Stone is a brand and your half problem is solved that you do not need to brand your product or company. All the campaign and branding work will be done by the company.
  2. The company offers a wide range of products according to the customer’s needs with healthy ingredients and taste. Customer satisfaction point is competed here.
  3. The franchiser needs the support of the company to run their store in profit and you will be given support from Cream Stone so that you will earn enough to manage all the things.
  4. Demand is the most important factor among the customers. You will see fewer customers in the winter season which can be a drawback of this business but you will make enough in the summer season.
  5. Branding and marketing strategies of Cream Stone help to drive more customers to your store.

Note:- You should have enough capital to run the store after investment in the franchise business otherwise your entire business may be lost.

Cream Stone Franchise Investment Cost & Requirements

  1. Total Investment => Rs 35 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs, This is going to be an initial investment if you are interested in investing in this franchise.
  2. Franchise Fee => It would be 1.5 to 2 lakhs rupees. This is a time fee.
  3. You need to pay a royalty fee and a marketing fee every month as per the agreement of 5 years.
  4. Note => You have to read the agreement carefully and discuss all the charges after that you can think about investing or not.

How to get a Cream Stone Franchise in India- Apply Online

If you are interested in owning a Cream Stone franchise then you need to simple steps to apply. Follow the below steps to apply for the New Cream Stone Franchise Outlet;

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Cream Stone Concepts or directly click on this link here =>
  • After clicking, you will reach the homepage where you have to click on the franchise; Fill Form option.
  • A form will open before you where you have to enter a few details such as:-
    • First Name & Last Name
    • Date
    • Email
    • Gender: Male/ Female
    • Age
    • Present Address
    • Home Phone Number
    • Work Phone
    • Mobile Number
    • City/ State / Province
    • Zip / Postal Code
    • How Long Have You Been Living In Your City?
  • Check on the Aggree box and enter the captcha code.
  • Then, click on the “Submit” button.
  • This application will be revised by the team and they will contact you for the same query.

Important Note – Cream Stone will not give a franchise in Hyderabad.

Profit Margin of Cream Stone Franchise Business

Cream Stone has not disclosed the profit margin of their franchisors. But this category is quite popular and earning may be enough. While discussing with the Cream Stone official team, you have to ask for the minimum profit margin so that you have an idea about it. However, we can assume the profit margin is at least 5 to 7 percent of the total sale.

Inquiry Contact Number of Cream Stone

  • Address: 4-6-464/1, Esamia Bazar, Koti, Hyderabad-500027, Telangana.
  • Phone Number: (+91) 40 2473 2820 / 806
  • Fax Number: 40 2473 2780
  • Email ID: [email protected]

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