Chai Point Franchise Cost & Profit Margin: How to Start, Requirements, Inquiry Contact Number

Tea (Chai) is one of the most popular beverages in India as it is consumed by all sections of society. The Tea Franchise is one of the fastest-growing franchise models and is expected to Reach 50,000 crore by 2025. With the increasing demand for Tea and its easy availability and affordable setup, many entrepreneurs are investing in the tea franchise business. If you’re also interested in Chai Point Franchise Business in India then keep on reading ahead to learn more about the Investment Cost, Profit Margin, How to Start, Requirements, and Inquiry Contact Number.

Chai Point Franchise Cost & Profit Margin

Let us tell you that “Chai Point” was founded in Bangalore in the year 2010 by Amuleek Singh. Their Chai is brewed with Fresh ingredients and delivered all over the Country. Chai Point is also considered one of the most profitable and the largest retailer of chai These Tea leaves are Sourced from High-quality tea estates located in Assam, Darjeeling, and Niligiris. Types of tea that are sold include Ginger Tea, Gur Pare and Masala Chai, Assam Black, Lemon Green, Jasmine Green, and a few more. Their unique taste is their biggest selling Point. Their special Tea blended with real spices and high-quality leaves makes it a very organic Product in nature.

Chai Point has a presence in eight Indian cities with a presence across retail locations, airports, and business parks. In addition to physical format stores, the chain has a delivery service and a vending-based solution called ‘Vending as a Service’ focused primarily on corporations. Chai Point provides its Franchise outlets with another valuable service which is called Garden to Glass by providing vacuum-packed whole tea leaves in biodegradable packaging to their customers so that if they want they can drink it at home. To know how to start Chai Point Franchise Outlet in 2024 including the requirements, investment cost, and profit share, follow this article to the end.

Benefits of Chai Point Franchise Outlet in 2024

Now let’s see what are the main benefits of owning a Chai Point Franchise in India;

  1. Chai Point also offers other Products as part of the menu like Tomato soup, Sweet Corn Soup, saffron Turmeric latte, and Festive Gift vouchers which also help to increase its revenue.
  2. Adequate and Proper Training for its franchise owners and staff members helps to maintain its quality and consistency. Chai Point has tied up with Mountain Trail Academy for this purpose.
  3. Chai Point has also tied up with local retail stores and corporate offices which allows them to provide fresh brewed tea to everyone regularly.

How to Start Chai Point Franchise – Requirements and Investment

To start a Chai Point Franchise various factors need to be considered like location, budget, training, along with Proper planning. Chai Point Franchise at least requires an area of 600 to 800 square feet

Area Required 600 to 800 square feet.
Property Type Rented/owned or leased.
Total Investment Required ( One Time) 25 to 30 lakhs.
Return on Investment Minimum 2 years.
Employment Training


Proper Employment training through MTA

Minimum staff required 4 -5 employees.

Now let’s look at how one can Earn Profit through Chai Point Franchise.

Total Investment in the Chai Franchise every month Income Earned in month Gross Profit for the Month
1) Rent paid for 800 square feet Rs 2,40,000

2) Salary paid to 6 Employees minimum Rs 6,000 each equal to Rs 60,000

3) Miscellaneous expenses Rs 20,000

4) Total Expenses in a Month = Rs 3,20,000

If the Average footfall is 150 Customers in a day total amount of individual spends Rs 200

Total Income Earned is Rs 30,000 per day

Total Income earned in a month will be 9,00,000

Gross Profit for the Month 50 percent of Rs 9,00,000 Rs 4,50,000

Total Profit in a month is;

  • Total Gross Profit – Total Expense
  • Rs 4,50,000- Rs 3,20,000
  • Rs 1,30,000

Procedure to Apply for Chai Point Franchise Business Online

The process for Applying for Chai Point Franchise is mentioned below:-

One of the most important criteria for applying for a Chai Point Franchise is the owner should be committed and passionate about running the Chai Point. There are however 2 ways of applying for Chai Point Franchise one can directly visit the head office or contact them. You can also navigate by clicking the link here

Chai Point Franchise Cost and Profit Margin - How to Start, Requirements, Inquiry Contact Number (1)

NOTE: Chai Point has also diversified its business by targeting Corporate working Professionals. The Company has a Product called Boxc. wherein the company provides freshly brewed chai and coffee automatic dispensers to corporate companies allowing their business to diversify by expanding the customer base you can click the link hereĀ

Chai Point Inquiry Contact Details

If anyone is interested in applying for the Franchise they can refer to the Contact details below:

  • HEAD OFFICE: Mountain Trail Foods Pvt Ltd, H1903, 4th Floor, Hustle Hub, 19th Main Rd, Agara Village, 1stĀ  Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102
  • Phone Number: 8880-141-000
  • Landmark: Opposite to Indian oil petrol bunk.
  • Email IDs
  • The online Store / Retail: [email protected]
  • Vending Machines: [email protected]


Chai Point Franchise is a great opportunity to get associated with a well-known brand. It is a valuable company that believes in the concept of supplying chai within 30 minutes once the order is placed. The price of the chai point remains the same everywhere and it is successfully serving 8 cities in India. The above article can be concluded by saying the Chai Point Franchise could be the best Investment decision you might make with guaranteed profits and recognition.

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