Candy Cloud Factory Franchise Cost in India: How to Launch, Profit Margin, ROI, Contact Number

Inspired by the Cotton Candy burrito cafe in London, the “Candy Cloud Factory” was established in the year 2021 by Sahil Gadiya and Ronak Golecha. Candy Cloud Factory deals mainly in offering unique, interesting, and innovative desserts at their restaurant. The menu is mainly categorized into 7 groups of which each of them is special in its way and of course, over qualified to satisfy your taste buds. As suggested by the title itself, Cotton Candy is marketed as the flagship product. Oreo, Unicorn, and Mocha are some of the flavor variants of these burritos. They also add their in-house flavors every month and constantly experiment to keep up with the dynamics in the dessert industry. Their Freak Shakes and Cereal Milkshakes are also some of the signature drinks available in the store.

Candy Cloud Factory Investment Cost & Profit Margin

To know more about How to Launch the Candy Cloud Factory Franchise in India along with other requirements like Investment Cost, Profit Margin, ROI, Enquiry Contact Number, etc. kindly check the below table and read this post further.

Description Quick Service Restaurant Mid-size Cafe
Minimum Area Required 500 square feet 800 square feet.
Franchise fees Rs 3 lakh Rs 5 lakh
Setup Rs 17 lakh Rs 25 lakh
Royalty 8% 10%
Payback Time 12-15 months 16-24 months
Lock in Period 5 Years 5 years
Profit Margin INR 2 lakh per month INR 4 lakh per month

Candy Cloud Factory Franchise Cost in India - How to Launch, Profit Margin, ROI, Contact Number

How to Launch Candy Cloud Factory Franchise in India

If you want to Apply for the Candy Cloud Factory Franchise, please refer to the steps below;

  1. There is no official website to apply online for Candy Cloud Factory Franchise Outlet yet as they are launching a new website soon.
  2. So you have to call their official number for franchise inquiry => 081477 40019.
  3. Next step the concerned team member will then send you the Application Form.
  4. You have to fill in all the details in the application form and email it back to the Franchise Team.
  5. Then Franchise team will take your interview and visit the location to finalize the same.
  6. Once the Agreement is signed you can start with the store.

Benefits of Opening Candy Cloud Franchise Store

  • Innovation:- The Candy Cloud team believes in constant innovation to their products which not only makes their food menu interesting but also helps to drive sales.
  • Quality:- All the ingredients used in the products are of good quality which not only enhances the taste of the products but also creates goodwill among its customers.
  • Diversified Menu:- The menu is diversified not only including tea and coffee beverages but also milkshakes.
  • Theatric Appeal-based restaurant:- The décor Ambience and innovative customization ensure that you can enjoy a meal that perfectly suits your tastes and dietary preferences.
  • Unique Theme Cafe:- The restaurant’s menu design, dining room, Décor, and style of food. This unique experience generates buzz and also extends brand awareness which attracts new customers and incorporates it in its menu’s design, service style, dining room décor, and style of food. The main benefit of a themed restaurant franchise is hard to forget. That unique experience generates buzz and extends brand awareness, too, which attracts new customers.

Future Growth Prospects of Candy Cloud  Factory Franchise

  1. Fastest Growing Market Globally => India is the fastest growing market globally for posting the largest increase in volume sales with 21% growth between 2020 to 2024.
  2. Festival Launches => Seasonal launches have also increased dynamically, with a 300% increase between 2008 and 2011.
  3. Growth in Modern Retail Outlets => The coffee-based beverages in India are being driven by the opening of more modern retail locations, such as malls, hypermarkets, and convenience stores which attract a lot of young crowds.
  4. Low Entry Barriers and Rising Disposable Income => The disposable income growth of consumers in India is expected to be one of the fastest in the world, with predictions for a 10% CAGR over the forecast period. This is expected to drive the exploration of coffee-based franchises and related products.

NOTE:- Candy Cloud Factory is a new brand it is always advisable that you do proper research before applying for the franchise. Location and investment costs you need to keep in mind before making the final decision.

Contact Details Candy Cloud Factory:

  • Address: 88 Jyoti Nivas College Road, 5th Block, Koramangala Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560096.
  • Contact Details: 081477 40019
  • Official Website:

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