Café Coffee Day Franchise/ Lease Requirements, Cost, Rent Agreement, Enquiry Number

Retail Space Area Lease Enquiry Contact Details
1000 – 1500 Sq.ft. (Ground Floor) [email protected]

As from the Tag line, “A lot can happen over a Coffee”. Today we are going to discuss a very important article about Café Coffee Day Franchise/ Lease Requirements and Other Details. Cafe Coffee Day popularly Known as CCD in India is a leading chain of Coffee shops in India and one of the biggest brands in the Hospitality Industry. Established in the year 1996 it was founded by Mr V. G. Siddhartha. The headquarters of the company is located on Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore. Serving a wide variety of coffees, chillers, snacks, sliders, sandwiches, cakes, cold beverages, and more, Café Coffee Day, also referred to as CCD, is one of the biggest and most well-known chains of coffee shops in India.

Café Coffee Day Company Profile & CCD Outlets

Presently CCD serves 1.8 billion cups of coffee every year in 6 countries. The company was also awarded the prestigious 22000:2005 certification by the internationally acclaimed DNV Business Assurance Food Safety System for its outstanding quality and safety management systems.

CCD Outlets are divided into 3 types;

  • Square.
  • Lounge.
  • Value Express.

To know more about Café Coffee Day Franchise/ Lease Requirements along with the Investment Cost, Rent Agreement, Profit Margin, Enquiry Number, etc, kindly go through the complete article below.

Café Coffee Day Franchise-Lease Requirements, Cost, Rent Agreement, Enquiry Number

Café Coffee Day Investment Cost and Lease Requirements

Let us tell you that Café Coffee Day presently does not provide any Franchise to anyone in India if you have a commercial property it can be given on rent which the Parent Company fully operates.

CCD Outlet Type

Capital Investment (INR)





Value Express


Cafe Coffee Day Franchise Price in India

Fixed Investment  Amount in Rupees
Equipment and Interior 5 lakhs
Other Expenses 5 lakhs
Brand Fees Rs 50,000
Total Rs 10,50,000
Recurring Expenses Amount (₹)
Approximate salary for 6 employees 70,000
Rent and other expenses 2,00,000
Total 2,70,000

Profit Margin of Cafe Coffee Day Store

Revenue  Amount (₹)
Average income earned in a day 40,000
Total revenue for a month 12,00,000
Gross profit 6,00,000
Net profit per month 3,30,000

Cafe Coffee Day Lease Requirements Details 2024

  • Retail Space Area: 1000 – 1500Sqft (Ground Floor)
  • Minimum Frontage: 25 running feet
  • Ample Parking space

If you meet the above-mentioned specifications, please write to CCD at [email protected]

  1. Name(s) of one or all the retail space owners.
  2. Postal Residential Address, Contact Numbers, and email ID of the owner/owners
  3. Postal Address of the Retail Spaced. Retail Space Area (square feet)
  4. Frontage of the Retail Space
  5. Photographs of your location
  6. Demographics of the catchment area

Café Coffee Day Lease Enquiry Application Online

  1. If you wish to Apply for a CCD Lease Application you can write a detailed Application by sending an email to the given Email ID here => [email protected]
  2. In the Application, you need to mention the location where you wish to open the CCD store, Investment capacity details, and Your Business Experience.
  3. If the Operation Team is satisfied with your details they will directly contact you.
  4. You also have to appear for the Interview and last step a Lease Agreement will be signed between both Parties.

NOTE: You can visit the official website at to see a Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) Franchise/ Lease Agreement Copy.

Benefits of Partnering with Café Coffee Day

  1. CCD being a brand is the biggest advantage of Partnering with them. The outlet is a blend of comfort and affordability.
  2. CCD runs the entire chain of growing and producing their coffee beans, which in turn helps them reduce the cost of the final product. The saving is passed down to customers, making the beverages delectably affordable to all.
  3. The brand offers great ambience, and top-notch service and lets clients experience a feeling beyond a coffee cup. The brand has attracted many and has a huge following of loyal customers.
  4. With various cafes like high street cafes, highway cafes, garden cafes, and mall cafes, the brand can target a large audience by offering a better experience and environment and varied value-added services.

Contact Details

Please find below the Contact Address and other details;

  • Address: Branch & ATM, Minerva Circle, 165, Rashtriya Vidyalaya Rd, near Karnataka Bank, Upparahalli, Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560004
  • Contact Number: 1860 500 4422
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Official Site:

Final Word

If you are looking to partner with Café Coffee Day in India, it’s a smart decision. CCD offers its partner’s support in advertising and marketing so that the café starts getting revenue immediately. This helps your Cafe Coffee Day of India business to grow in leaps and bounds. Café Coffee Day has been known to offer the perfect ambiance and exemplary customer service to people, making it one of the finest places to hang out with family and friends. It is a place where people of all ages can relax and unwind. CCD is not just another coffee shop it is a place where people from all Age groups come together and celebrate their happiness.

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