Axis Bank ATM Space for Rent Online Application Form, Contact Number

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Axis Bank ATM Space for Rent Online

Today in this blog, we will discuss that if you have a commercial property then you have a tremendous opportunity to get a great return on your investment by renting your property to banks for ATM installation.  As we know, with the increasing population, the need for ATMs in urban centers is increasing. However, our government is promoting online payment or cashless India after the major pandemic COVID 19, that is, the digitization phase is rapidly spreading in India.  But, till now many people do not trust online payment modes due to a lack of education or technology.  Because of this, there are many places where ATM space is required.

So, if you find that there is no bank ATM at your location, you will have to travel a long distance to get cash from an ATM.  You can then rent out your space to install the ATM. To rent space to Axis Bank one has to submit an online application and wait for the response. The application can be submitted on the atm cash website which has tie-ups with more than 50 national and private banks.

Axis Bank ATM Space for Rent
Axis Bank ATM Space for Rent Online

Banks ATMs need space for rent for a longer period like for 10 years or more, if you have a property and you want to rent it to banks and ATMs then giving the space to the bank is the best decision as it is the safest earning these days, allowing you to earn without investment. The income here is fixed and attractive. As India is becoming a digital India, forms now are filled out online. Honestly, it is one of the safest ways to earn money. Let us have a detailed discussion on How to Rent Space for Axis Bank ATM.

Axis Bank ATM Space for Rent Online: Overview

Article for  Axis Bank ATM Space for Rent Online 
Bank  Axis
Establishment  1993, Ahmedabad 
Purpose  Nearest ATM 
Way Through Application 
Objective  Facility

Safest earning 

Official website
Contact number  1800 419 5959

Procedure to Rent Space to Set up an Axis Bank ATM

In this section, we are going to elucidate the complete process to rent space to set up an Axis Bank ATM Machine in India. Details are mentioned below:

  1. Initially, you’ve to approach a bank with a proposal to provide space owned by you to be offered on rent to set up an ATM Machine.
  2. After this, the bank will then consider your proposal and identify whether they have a requirement to set up ATM Machine in the area based on demand
  3. If they agree to set up an ATM Machine they will provide the bank’s format in which you need to provide the proposal.
  4. Generally, a bank will require a freehold property on the property.
  5. The space required for the ATM Room will be 10 feet By 10 feet room.
  6. The bank will then decide on commercials/Rent for space provided by you.
  7. It will be based on running market rates in that area and vary from Rs. 60 per sq. feet to Rs. 150 per sq. feet rent per month. and all taxes are to be borne by the Landlord.
  8. The important aspect is that you need to provide space for a server room and space for the installation of a Dish for network connectivity on the roof.

Steps to Approach Bank for Online Rent

These are the general guidelines, However, the most effective way is you contact a local broker who deals with providing property on rent to banks and he will complete all the formalities from finding an interested bank to closing the deal.  

In a nutshell, we can say that there are 3 ways to approach the bank for online rent.

  1. Go to the bank
  2. Check Bank website
  3. Post property ad on real estate website

Requirements to Rent your Property to Axis Bank ATM

  • The size of your property should be as per the demand of the bank
  • The location of your property should be in a commercial and commercial mixed market area.
  • The land should not be related to any dispute, nor should it have any remaining installments.
  • All the property papers should be genuine and intact for verification.
  • The property should have all the permission required from local and municipal authorities.

Don’t wait any longer – visit the respective bank, check the Bank website, post property ads on the real estate website, and rent your property to Axis Bank today!

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