Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership, Investment, Earning, Requirements & Application

Investment, earnings, requirements, and application process are discussed here with you. Let us tell you that Ampere Vehicle was recognized in 2008. The aim was to reserve customers with high-quality electric autos built in India that are assessed practically. Ampere is committed to supporting initiatives that aim to expand the number of women working in the motorized industry, where they now make up 30% of the accomplished labor force. If you’re interested to open Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership/ Franchise in your locality then this article is for you. Kindly continue reading ahead.

Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership 2024

As the automobile industry in India is thriving with the revision to electric vehicles, this rising drift is creating many business opportunities in the electric vehicle segment. Driving an electric car aids the setting, saves cash many, reduces contaminants, and is monetarily helpful. Ampere Electric Scooters had previously seen the possibility of electric vehicles as a form of the next cohort of mobility by the time electric cars were first made available for acquisition in India.

If you are discerning about opening a business in the fast-growing electric vehicle marketplace, you can twitch an electric scooter dealership by taking an ampere electric scooter dealership.

Why choose the Ampere Electric Scooter?

Recognized in 2008, Ampere is a Coimbatore-based electric scooter engineering company. The company has a head office in Coimbatore. Ampere has a 35-acre industrial facility in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, with an annual production capacity of 1.2 lakh electric scooters. The business has two electric scooter models, Reo Plus and MagnusEX, in the market. Ampere has 450+ dealers’ blowouts across 350+ Indian cities.

Company Name Ampere by Greaves
Products 6
Dealership Investment 20 To 50 Lakh Rs
Application Process Online mode
Official Website

Features of Ampere Electric Scooter

  • The battery may be detached, making this an unaffectedly moveable battery. Because of this, you may charge the battery wherever you are, whether at home or work. The battery must be charged from dead to whole for about a day. The charger is microcontroller-based; thus, the battery is safe.
  • And the speedo, odometer reading, and enduring battery life are all shown as digital readouts on the dashboard. Regarding the buttons, they work just great.
  • The electric motor is comparatively quiet if it produces any noise. As a result, the working of the electric scooter does not result in any perceptible sound.
  • This scooter has a headlight and a taillight entirely made of LEDs. The shape of an arrow is united with its headlights. The capability to see well in the dark is reinstated.
  • Fork signs are pointers straddling the bicycle’s handlebars.
  • The scooter is highly suggested to be fortified with a security alarm to avert it from being stolen.
  • Its trains may purpose in any of two unique modes, contingent on the condition. When you switch to the Economy style, your travel distance will rise. These two items will help you save both money and time.
  • There are two shock absorbers comprised in the system. Numerous springs have been wound into curls at the rear of the shock standard. The visible shock’s distance may change, which is not conceivable with standard shocks. Even on uneven land, it makes for a more relaxed ride.
  • One of the most notable characteristics of this one of the most notable characteristics of this. When you apply heaviness to the rear brake, the front brake will also be betrothed. Drums with a volume of 130 MM have been made available by HBS.
  • Reformative decelerating is an obtainable purpose on the Ampere Zeal electric vehicle. When you apply the brakes, a small charge is transported to the battery.
  • The scooter’s tubeless tyres are straddling. When driving around the city, having somewhat like this is a significant aid.
  • Ability on slanted land Inclines of up to 13 degrees is handy for a single rider on the scooter, and up to 8 degrees are controllable for two riders.
  • Guarantee on the battery the producer offers assurance for three years.
  • Weight: The mass of the scooter is 78 kilograms.
  • Seat: The available space in the center has been reduced.

Requirements for Ampere Electric Scooter Franchise

  1. Should have the capability to invest 20 Lakh to 25 Lakh.
  2. Involvement in important items.
  3. Should have interplanetary for Godown 800 sqft.
  4. You should have an 1800 sqft area.
  5. The capability of Administration/Regulation.
  6. Price of Ampere Electric Scooter
  7. Godown/ Interstellar for showroom/ facility center= 10 Lac
  8. InternalSubstructure: 5 Lac to 10 lacs
  9. Preliminary Stock (30 scooters – 40 scooters)
  10. Spare Portions for Service Bike = 5 Lac
  11. Working Investment = 20 Lac
  12. Computer classification, internet connectivity, printer, staff dress, and phones = 1 Lac.
  13. License payment: 20,000

License & Documents for Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership

  • Personal credentials like Pan Card, Aadhar card, Voter ID
  • Contact no., Email, Passport size photo
  • Address Proof (Electricity Bill)
  • ITR for the last two years
  • Profitable space paper (1000 sqft)
  • Knowledge of Business (If applicable)
  • Business Record-keeping
  • Udhyam process
  • EPF & ESIC
  • Formation License
  • GST Registration
  • Electricity Authorization (for transformer)

Profit margins of Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership

The total revenue in the Ampere dealership is as trails;

  1. Ampere Sales Margin => up to 9% to 13% (of Ex-Showroom Value)
  2. Commission from assurance => 14% to 22% (of OD quantity)
  3. commission from loan => about 2.5% to 5% (of the loan expanse)
  4. Commission from Fixtures sale => 15% to 20%
  5. Commission from auxiliary parts sale => 15% to 20%
  6. The margin on facility => 25% to 30% (labor controls, engine oil, etc.)

The after-sales facility of electrical automobiles could be much more associated without dated internal ignition engine (ICE) vehicles. So, a good margin is vital in vehicle auctions.

How to apply for Ampere Electric Scooter Authorization?

You can interact with Ampere on their number 1800 123 9262. You can also communicate with them at their authorized website to get contact facts or send an email to [email protected]

Also, visit them at Greaves Electric Mobility. The address is 150/1B, Nanthavana Thottam, Sulur, Kannampalayam, Coimbatore – 641 402.

Ensure no other Ampere dealer is in a 6-7 kilometer range from your outlet. If there is any Ampere dealer adjacent, the probability of you getting a dealership is very low.

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