ACC Cement Dealership 2024: Requirements, Investment, Profit, Application Process

The commencement of the Associated Cement Companies Ltd, i.e. ACC dates to 1936. After 86 years, it is commended as the leading cement producer of concrete. The corporation is recognized for manufacturing superior-quality cement. The company grasps the record for being the first-ever cement corporation to accept the creation of public expansion. Its pan-India occurrence contains 17 modern workshops, 90 ready-mix concrete plants, a massive network of more than 11,000 traders, and several regional workplaces. If you’re also looking for business ideas then ACC Cement Dealership is one of the ideal projects for you.

About ACC Cement Dealership 2024

The motives for selecting an ACC Cement Dealership are extensive. ACC Cement is one of the firstborn cement corporations in India and holds an unimpeachable record of producing an adhesive of the highest quality. It pays state-of-the-art expertise, which aids it in creating numerous excellent cement brands. Its multiple types of machinery are in sync with global values and are entirely eco-friendly. It is exclusive in its operation of repetitive preservation of all its plants to improve its manufacturing efficacy. Its unwavering promise to defend the atmosphere is apparent from its advanced initiatives.

For more details about How to get an ACC Cement Dealership/ Franchise in India, what is the requirements, investment cost, and profit, then this article will guide you. Also, you will get complete information related to the ACC cement distributorship online registration/ application process.

ACC Cement Dealership Registration – Short Summary

Now ACC’s benevolence and technology-backed facilities have caused many respected relations, some of which also comprise the TATA group. This award-winning organization was allied with Switzerland’s Holcim Group in 2005. In 2015, the Holcim Group combined with the French manufacturing corporation Lafarge, famous for its expert amenities in concrete and cement. ACC’s connotation with two worldwide giants assisted in reinforcing its growth more actively.

ACC Cement bespoke a furnace at Wadi. This furnace has a volume of manufacturing 12,500 tons in a day, making it the prime in the world. The asset amount is insignificant, and the authorization revenues are rewarding. From being gifted with the ‘Best Performer’ award in the cement business to being valued as one of the best offices, ACC has also earned a Bronze at the 2022 ABBY awards. This inspiring profile can make anyone eager to become an ACC trader.

ACC Cement Dealership Requirements – Key Points

These are the licenses and documents required to open an ACC cement dealership in India:

  • Company Registration => Sole proprietorship/LLP/Pvt Limited
  • Trade License => from your local municipality
  • Shop & Establishment Registration => from the state government
  • GST certificate
  • Six-month bank statement (savings/current)
  • Three years’ IT Returns
  • Business Insurance => (Not necessary)

Investment Cost for ACC Cement Distributorship

An ACC cement-authorized investment can differ between ₹8 – ₹10 lakhs. However, this relies on the gauge of the occupational you demand to set up. It could even be somewhat less, i.e., ₹5 – ₹6 lakhs. The safety payment for such authorization can differ between ₹2 – ₹3 lakhs. Some rich traders pay a sum of ₹5 lakhs and benefit from annual interest of 4-5% on the equivalent. You cannot surpass the deposit sum beyond this. A humble allocation of the said amount to numerous working areas is as follows:

  1. Acquisition of stock and inventory => ₹1 – ₹2 lakhs.
  2. Interiors of the front office and packing shelves or sections in the warehouse => ₹1 – ₹1.5 lakhs.
  3. A month’s wage for at least two labor workers for loading and unloading actions => ₹30000.
  4. Rental quantity (if you do not own commercial grounds) => A preliminary advance/deposit and the rent for the first month or two months, liable upon the procedure made with the owner.
  5. A vehicle => You may need a car. This hinges on the preparation you have with your customers about distributions. You can claim on them coming to pick up their distributions which will decrease your cost of venture in a car. If some purchasers claim you are making a delivery, you must capitalize on a vehicle. This will upsurge the overall cost of investment.

Documents Required for ACC Cement Dealership/ Franchise

  • Particulars on the registering of your corporation – Whether it is a partnership, LLP, or a proprietary
  • Sale action – If you have bought the property
  • Rent agreement – If you have rented the premises
  • Trade certificate
  • GST registration
  • Shop &Founding registration – The state government supplies this
  • Bank declarations of the last six months – These reports could be of your current or savings account
  • Facts of income tax returns of at least the last three years
  • Business assurance – This is elective and not binding
  • Personal ID particulars – Aadhaar card, PAN card, as well a Voter ID card
  • Proof of inhabited address – You can provide an electricity bill or even the minutiae of your ration card
  • Qualification facts – These can include academic or any other business involvement documentation
  • Photographs – 2 Nos. or more, if compulsory
  • Personal communication details – Mobile number, email ID,
  • An annulled cheque – No. 1
  • No-objection documentation

How to Apply for ACC Cement Dealership in India?

This is how you Apply for ACC Cement Dealership Online, follow the step-by-step process below;

  1. You can obtain an ACC cement authorization by communicating with the terrain sales director or the person in charge of that region. You can get the contact particulars from the official website, i.e.,
  2. You can call the sales executive, discuss your business purposes, and meet him in person. The sales executive will direct you through the whole procedure of setting up an ACC cement authorization.
  3. The person will make a detailed review of the site of your locations to guarantee that there is no other ACC trader within a distance of 2-3 kilometers.
  4. Once your particulars are authenticated, and the grounds are measured as practicable, the person supports you with concluding the contract.
  5. If you cannot find contact with anyone, call their toll-free number, i.e., 1800 1033 444, for more help.
  6. You can also apply to the official website for the ACC cement authorization (
  7. Once you log in, you will have to give all the necessary info demanded on the application form.
  8. Review the particulars before consenting to the form.
  9. You will have a call from their sustenance service staff to help you comprehend the entire procedure.

Profit margin in ACC Cement Dealership

You can guess a profit of around 3% to 6% on sales. Your revenue margin is contingent on the total auctions you have made. You will qualify for business bonus arrangements if you can achieve the business’s monthly rummage sale. These arrangements usually start after 6 -8 months from the date you start your authorization. If you prosper in meeting those sales goals, then you can assume up to a 6% profit boundary. It would be best to give at least 5000 kg per month vend.

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